Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Can Change . . .

Well, the evolution of "Sean" is all but complete. On the eve of the end of my "journey" I did the almost unthinkable . . . I changed it up again . . . I proved my agility and my willingness to accept that what I once thought was true I can now know to be false.

I did something NUTTY, folks. While Joy was in class this evening I was an active participant in adopting not one but TWO cats.

Meet Boy Cat (on the left) and Girl Cat (on the right). They are a pair of nine-week-old siblings with real names coming soon and they are the newest additions to the Amore family.

For those that are rolling their eyes in disbelief (Casey, in particular, comes to mind), let me explain.

Joy and I have long been considering adopting a dog or a cat for Ava and, as she potty trains and Joy and I become increasingly aware that our little girl is growing up . . . we figured it is time for some new challenges in the house.

We chose a cat over a dog because, well, we live in a big old house that has some "draft issues" - as in holes just big enough for smaller four-legged creatures to come in and out of, if you know what I mean. As summer turns to fall and our four-legged freaker-outers look for homes for the winter, it was time to arm ourselves.

We got two cats because I am a sucker that didn't want to break up two siblings and the woman at the Kansas Humane Society assured me that two is better than one in terms of them being able to entertain each other and so on.

This will, of course, mean I have to add some medicine to my life (I am very allergic to cats). Nothing comes without a charge (smile) but - I have to say - I'm sort of smitten with both of them and am very happy that we have some pets.

Yes. I, Sean Christopher Amore, of questionable mind and soundening body am a cat owner.

That is cat owner - not a cat PERSON.

Just when you thought you knew me, right?!


Meg said...

No WAY! They're so cute (as are their owners.

Shib said...

They are very cute!!! I actually started getting allergy shots after my husband and I had adopted a kitty last year. Poor Bandit passed away only a yr after we goth im so maybe it's time for us to adopt a new little furball :-)

Casey said...

Not rolling my eyes - just happy to see that the time you spent sharing a couch with my asthmatic cat - who currently has not one, but 2 inhalers didn't scare you off.

Charlie (formally known as Mr. Gibson) should get to be the godfather. The poor guy is still trying to figure out what happened this past year - one day some guy shows up on the couch then disappears and just when he finally gets the couch back, we move to Hamden.

Don't forget to sign up for pet insurance......