Thursday, September 18, 2008

Five Month Goals (Two Weeks to Go) . . .

It is almost here. My 18-month-ary. The "end" of my journey. I figured I would do one last update on the old goals I had set (a new list will be appearing here shortly). I'm only listing the ones that are not completed or are in the works. The ones I DID check off (or the ones that I know I will NOT accomplish are not worth really talking about - I punish myself in my obsessive brain enough as it is (smile)!

7 - Weigh 200 Pounds by March 20, 2009. In the works. I currently weigh 237 pounds. I believe at least 20 - 25 pounds of that is excess skin. If you saw me naked (dare to dream and/or throw up now) you would know what I'm talking about. It looks like the rest of the weight is mine to lose . . . and it is going to take WORK!

That's right. Just ONE goal left to deal with from the original 15. That is how goal-setting works, my friends. I feel pretty good about having taken care of 10 of the original 15 and the four that I did not/will not move to the "been there, done that" column don't really plague me. It is part of life to fall short from time to time. It is okay - as long as you learn from it!

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