Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Excercise . . .

IMPISH CO-WORKER: Do you want to go to yoga with me on Mondays?
ME: Uh, no. I don't excercise and I do NOT go to yoga.
IMPISH CO-WORKER: I know. I read your blog!
ME: Well played, Imp!

That's all it took.

I realized that I had to (let's all welcome the pun to this post) walk the walk if I was going to talk the talk on my blog. I DO need to excercise. I DO need to get moving. I DO need to lose the rest of this weight to finish what I started.

Joy got home early from class last night and agreed to put Ava to bed for me (I thank God for the little miracles) so I strapped on/sinched/belted and otherwise floated inside the 2XL sweat pants I bought last fall (I'm getting new ones TONIGHT), found my "good" sneakers, put the earbuds of my iPod mini in and hit the "mean streets" of Wichita's College Hill for a 45 minute walk. I enjoyed and was inspired by what felt like the first real burst of fall (in reality it is just the remnants of Hurricane Gustav) and even RAN (without even being chased) for one small block of my outing.

It felt nice to get out in to the cool air and move. I got my heart rate up. I got a little sweat going.
I will NOT be taking yoga with Impy-Dimpy-Do (as much as I enjoy her company (she reads the blog - I have to be polite (smile))) any time soon BUT I do hope to get out and walk at least four days a week and hopefully get more intense about excercise in the coming weeks. I'm even planning to get the flat tire on my bike fixed this weekend so I can revisit that commitment/goal of mine.

It's time to get moving! AND it is time to get back on the scale (insert nervous shiver here) too!


nytova said...

Yeah! Starting an exercise routine is the biggest hurdle, but once it becomes just that - routine - you miss it (and even feel different) on the days you don't get moving. Kepe it up!

This Show said...

You could always join me in Yoga Sean!

Shib said...

That's my response to when people want to do indoor cycling classes: HECK NO!