Friday, September 19, 2008

Being Heavy Will Cost You (in Alabama) . . .

An interesting strategy for managing obesity among state employees in Alabama . . . lose weight or get charged a premium on your insurance rates for it.

The state will soon enact a policy where 3,000 employees are evaluated and, if their BMI is over the obesity limit - they will get ordered to see a physician and lose weight or they will be charged more for their insurance.

You KNOW how I feel about this issue. Best start charging more for the smokers and people that do other things that make them more likely to lead to cancer (including holding and using a cell phone, according to some).

I DO think the state is smart in that they will refund the money if people address the issue of their weight and they are not just doing this based on BMI (as you know, a very muscular or pregnant person's BMI could make them "obese" by the BMI standard).

Our company is also doing something to incentivize healthy living and minimize insurance costs for our company and our carrier. The program, called Vitality, offers incentives for healthy living and, as we can all agree, there is NOTHING wrong with that.

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