Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quite the Spectacle in Beijing . . .

I don't really get "in" to the Olympics.

Maybe it is a life of sedentary activity that leaves me some what skeptical of people who are the embodiment of physical and athletic perfection. Maybe it is that I just don't really enjoy sports. Maybe it is the fact that I'm a total xenophobe (I am NOT a xenophobe, for the record). For whatever reason though . . . I just don't really spend much time every other year on the winter or the olympic games.

ONE exception . . . I love me some opening ceremonies. I love the Cirque du Soleil vibe and the pomp and circumstance of a country struttin' its stuff for the entire world. I found this year's opening ceremony to be particularly note worthy because it was CHINA - a country wellllll known for not wanting people to know too much about what is happening behind the iron curtain . . . er . . . scenes.

I tried to get Ava to watch the ceremony with me on Friday night. She was not having it . . . post-bath and pre-bed time is generally Noggin time and Friday was no exception but we DID watch long enough to see the KILLER drum performance and an adorable and enchanting nine-year old girl sing the national anthem, presumably in front of a BILLION people in China and maybe a few hundred million more around the world.

Welllllll, one problem. She was not really singing at all. Nope. Olympic officials have confirmed that the girl who actually sang was just not attractive enough to represent China on a worldwide stage. I kid you NOT!

It is shocking to me that a) they would do such a thing and b) would admit to it if they did.

You know, I'm sure, where I'm going with this. It makes me think about sizism and other forms of racism and closed-mindedness that still exists in this world.

I'm just surprised that the OLYMPICS, an event that is supposed to celebrate the entire world and all of the world's citizenry would allow a little girl with an amazing voice to be excluded because she's not "pretty" enough. It is just so weird.

I mean I get not letting everyone who wants to compete for the gold participate (otherwise I would TOTALLY be in Beijing right now working on a gold in platform diving or something that would require me to be in a Speedo) but you can't sing the national anthem because of your physical appearance? Really?

I'm sad to hear that - even from a country that is WELL known for violating human rights - this sort of crap still happens in the world.

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