Sunday, August 10, 2008

Me-new and Cha-Cha . . .

We had some company this weekend. Our very, very good friend, Vinu (the man that intoduced Joy and me) came from Dallas with his girlfriend Charene for the weekend.

Ava took an immediate shine to "Cha-Cha" (as Charene authorized Ava to call her) but she was not so sure about Me-new (the closest she could come to Vinu) until Vinu busted out the birthday present (a Nintendog that barks and pants and wags its tail when you pet it). THEN - they were friends.

It was WONDERFUL for Joy and I to have some company for the weekend. We laughed and told stories and Joy even whooped it up with a mixed drink called "bong water" (it was a special promotion in the theater where we saw Pineapple Express).
Vinu was one of the many people from my DC days that I adore and yet I never felt I was as good of a friend to him as he was to me. He drove us to the grocery store. He took us shopping in general. He was always down for a happy hour or a night out at the bars. He got us home when we were in no shape to do it on our own and he never complained about the tab or toll of dealing with us.

It was great to see him happy with Charene (she's a total "love" (as the phrase goes)). She's funny and she's smart and she clearly cares for Vinu and she seems like sort of yin his yang needs (take that however you want).

We really enjoyed having the company. It was great to FINALLY see a DC friend, post surgery, and to show them that I'm doing well and that I'm happy and that my life is full and blessed. We can't wait to go to Dallas to visit them and to see how their life really "works" there - it seems like they are wonderfully content.

One other thing that I am particularly excited about from the weekend - Vinu's father had gastric bypass at MAYO about five years ago . . . to this day he has not regained any weight and he is still happy and content in his post-surgery life.

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