Saturday, August 2, 2008

In Praise of Meat . . .

Joy, Ava and I were treated to dinner tonight to "celebrate" my Other Mother's union going on strike. I mean - look - it is OVER 100 degrees here . . . all day long . . . and my mother-in-law and her peers work 10 to 12 hour shifts, on their feet, with no real air conditioning or cooling to help and they make far less than other aviation companies here in town. Viva la unions, I say.

Anywho - we went to a little place on the West side called El Gaucho. El Gaucho is an "authentic" Argentinian steakhouse. I don't know how many Argentinians know this - much like I don't know how many Mexicans start all their meals with bottomless bowls of chips and salsa followed by frozen, prickly-pear margaritas - but I don't really care. The place was DELICIOUS!

It reminded me of a similar concept restaurant that Jess, Joyell and I ate at one night in Columbia, Maryland only BETTER because - the last time I ate at the place I loaded up on all the side dishes (they had three types of french fries, if memory serves me correctly). Tonight, I enjoyed NINE types of slow cooked, delicious meats. I over ate (honesty is my only poilcy) but it was soooooooo good - how do you resist?!?!

Anywho, I highly suggest all post gastric bypass patients hit up their friendly, neighborhood Argentinian steakhouse if they want a high protein dinner done RIGHT!

Yuhmay! Thanks for dinner, Mom and CONGRATS on getting some much deserved rest in the hot Wichita summer!

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