Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary . . .

I met my lovely wife exactly five years ago today. We were introduced by our good friend, Vinu (who might even come visit us next weekend - we're soooo excited) and, after a week of e-mailing and talking by phone we decided to meet.
We had dinner with Vinu and my good friend Carrie (at that stage in my life I either needed a crew of several or to be completely alone to feel happy/secure) at Levante's in Washington, DC and the rest - to sugar coat, over simplify and pretend that everything in my life comes with a silver platter, a bow and a sprinkle of pixie dust - is history.

I still remember, having "wowed" Joy by e-mail and phone enough to sucker her in to downtown Washington, DC for dinner, that I would likely not have any sort of chance at a romantic connection (much less a shared life) with Joy.

I saw her on the sidewalk with Vinu (there is a big mirror above the bar) and fell in love with her immediately. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen and she glowed, literally (she's the whitest woman in the history of pale skin (smile)), as she walked.

How could she POSSIBLY fall for someone like me? I weighed 500 pounds. I was a workaholic. I was depresed. I was a mess on legs, frankly.

Somehow, in spite of my best attempts to sabotage myself, she saw through all of it - looked directly in to my eyes and was able to see someone inside me that even I did not see. She saw a husband, a man to raise a family with, a dependable person with a good and honest heart and someone with the potential for greatness.

That night was truly fateful. The world started to spin in different ways by later that same night. I can point to a thousand little and two-thousand big things that changed in my life as a DIRECT result of meeting Joy in person. Some bad - almost all good.

Five years later - I'm still looking in the mirror trying to see the man that she finds in me every day but I swear I'm searching as hard as i can and I WILL find him.

I love you, Pop Tart. Thanks for taking a chance on me!

PS - The picture above, to answer the questions I was sent, is really old. It was taken at the Strauss Radio Strategies, Inc. holiday party in December, 2005. I have NOT gained back 200+ pounds.

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