Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Five Month Goals (Six Weeks to Go) . . .

I just realized that I am behind on checking on my monthly goals. With about six weeks left in my "journey" . . .

1 - Weight 245 - 240 pounds by June 12th. ACCOMPLISHED!

2 - Participate in a 5K Walk. ACCOMPLISHED!

3 - Become more serious about bike riding. Put on hold until the heat dies off and gives way to fall.

4 - Re-establish a connection with God. Improving. ACCOMPLISHED! This whole Kabbalah thing is fascinating. I thought I understood it to be "part" of Judaism that didn't require you to be a Jew to really live by it BUT it is the core of Judaism and you have to be Jewish to do more than just explore Kabbalah. My readings and my exploration have me thinking very differently about a lot of things and it is helping me to sort out "this" part of my life from "that" part of my life and it is giving me great focus.

5 - Take Care of Old Business. ACCOMPLISHED!

6 - See Ten Movies. ACCOMPLISHED! And I plan on checking out number eleven this weekend (or early next week)!

7 - Weigh 200 Pounds by March 20, 2009. In the works.

8 - See My Brothers and Have Them See Their Niece. This, sadly, will not happen. I don't know when I am going to get back east but it won't be in the next six weeks. It saddens me, deeply, that my family is so very far away. Ava's birthday was particularly hard for/on me but I have to believe that we are all happy in our respective lives and that makes me happy accordingly.

9 - Get Rid of My C-PAP. Improving. I am going to have my sleep study later this month. I'm confident that I will be victorious and overcome this hosed beast on my nightstand.

11 - Make New Friends. Improving. We are having a good time meeting some people and trying to socialize. An OLD friend (VINU!) is coming to visit us this weekend too . . . soooooo excited.

12 - Go Floating. This is probably not going to happen either. I WISH we had made plans to go and float but the summer is ticking away and we've done nothing about it. I can't say it will not for sure (time will tell) but . . . it's not looking good.

13 - Become Creative Again. ACCOMPLISHED!

Six goals are accomplished. Three are close to being done. One is on hold. Two are failures. Not bad, all in all. I'm drafting (and will share) my goals for the next six months as my window for these goals closes.

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Catherine said...

What is "go floating"? If I go with you can I wear cowboy boots?