Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Weekend, Another Sale . . .

I hope you are sitting down for what I'm about to tell you . . . JC Penney had a sale this weekend.

Yep. I'm serious.

And it wasn't just any sale. No-no. It was their . . . wait for it . . . biggest sale of the season.

Take a minute - I'll wait . . . . you ready to continue? Okay, good.

SO - I felt FORCED to take advantage of the BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON. I had $225 in gift cards burnin' a hole in my pocket (thanks, AGAIN, Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad for the birthday love) and it was only in the low-80s here this weekend so fall MUST be coming, right? RIGHT!

I did the smart thing . . . I scouted out the sale on Thursday (spent about 90 minutes perusing the fall offerings and looking at the clearance racks) and I sorted through my many, many JC Penney coupons to strategize the best purchasing plan (it was a toss up - do I use the 20% of almost everything in the store coupon or do I just try things on, figure out what I want, and then use a 30% off your purchase at with free shipping (knowing the prices on the web site were higher than they are in the store). I opted to buy in-store.

Let the FUN begin. I spent over an hour trying on pants, shirts, sweaters, rugby shirts, ties and t-shirts. I looked at clearance swim trunks. I thought about a few clearance sports coats. It was HEAVEN.

Here's the good news - I am a size 17" neck. I can wear a 32/33, 34/35 or 36/37 sleeve. That means the dozen dress shirts that I bought in the spring are all too big for me so they can be put in the "hand me down" pile and I can restock (I bought NINE shirts yesterday). I wear a size large t-shirt, sweater, etc. I can ALMOST fit in to a large button down shirt (we'll get it in to that later) and I can wear a 38, 40 or 42 pant depending on the cut and brand.

Here's the bad news (and it is not really all that "bad") - I think the ride is over. I think this is it. I am almost 17 months in to my 18 month journey. I have about 40 more pounds that I want to lose. Yep. "Just" 45. Don't underestimate that. That seems like such a TINY amount to want to lose compared to the 285 that I wanted to lose before all this started. And an even SMALLER amount compared to the 330 pounds that I will have lost from my heaviest weight when this is al done.

The problem is that I can fit in to a LARGE shirt. I can wear pants in the 30s. Not a problem? Maybe not. Time will tell.

I'm fine with where I am and what little more I have to get out but I don't think I'm going to get any smaller (perhaps a few inches off my waist following skin removal). I'm from European stock. BIG European stock. There are NO "slight" people in my extended family. So I don't think I have much more to lose and I don't know, based on that realization, if I am ready to enter the next stage for the "rest" of my life . . . maintenance.

I'm not going to over think it. I just know that I won't be having to go out and REBUILD my wardrobe every three months starting now. I might go up or down a little bit from here on out but what I buy now can serve me for a long, long time. I have not had that knowledge or reassuance ever. EVER. I have not, since I was first old enough to get involved in my own back-to-school shopping, ever once thought about an item of clothing as being something that was for longer than "this season" or "right now". The first 20 years of that trend the sizes were going up and the last 17 months they are going down.

Anywho - I'm starting to get more comfortable in my skin. I'm getting more aware of who I really am and how I really look. I'm getting more used to being sorta' close to being near to almost being able to see myself as skinny.

It is a good day for me to be getting over these hurdles . . . and, believe it or not, I think my random conversation with person x helped get me ready for this weekend's shopping outing. I might have to go reward myself later this week with a shopping excursion to Harold's! I've GOT to have some fall ties and a shirt and sweater vest!

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Catherine said...

Brooks Brothers here we come!

Perhaps a weekend excursion to KC for some J.Crew et al?