Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures of the Past . . .

I sent out a note to about 100 people a week or two ago asking them to send me any and all pictures they had of me (I'm compiling them for a special project). My dear, sweet, should-be-sister-in-law Joyell (Patrick's girlfriend of nearly a decade) has sent me a few "keepers" and I thought I would share this one. It was taken, according to the file properties, on May 29, 2004.

Note the bruising around the eyes that only morbid obesity or three rounds with Oscar DeLaHoya could provide. The chin-melting-into-my-chest good looks and the meat-hook hands. At least I had a ton more hair then than I have now (smile).

To see this picture, and pictures like it, is deeply humbling and it reminds me how dangerous the life I was living really was and how very glad I am that I have been given a second chance to do and be and live better.

If you have pictures of me PLEASE send them my way (by e-mail or snail mail).

THANK YOU, Joyelll!

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