Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nuttin' but Mustard . . .

It has been a big week for us here in the Amore household. Ava is finally going "pee pee" on the potty on a somewhat regular basis. She's slept THROUGH the night for three of the last six nights (the other three nights were DISASTERS but . . .) and we officially got rid of her high chair on Sunday (it has been a while since she really sat in it) and she's started to eat with the sort of reckless abandon that makes her Daddy very, very proud.

Anywho - we had a legendary dinner tonight that was complete with music (it motivates her to eat) and dancing (I've mentioned in the past that Ava loves a group called Nuttin' but Stringz and you can see in this video just how much she loves the strings) and mustard eating by the finger and SPOONFUL (and the funny faces that go with eating too much mustard in one sitting).

Ava will be TWO in just 12 days. I can't believe it has been two years since she graced our lives with her presence.

Enjoy a somewhat long - but we think entertaining - video!

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Doug said...

That is hilarious that your daughter loves Nuttin' But Stringz, or however it's spelled. Here in NY we have this very cheesy (but very beloved) basic news channel called NY1, and they occasionally have "celebrities" sing or rap or play a version of their very low budget theme song. Think Uncle Junior from the Sopranos singing "What's the weather? What's the scoooore?" Nuttin But Stringz did this extremely hip-hop, extremely ridiculous promo for them about a year and a half ago, and i always wondered who the hell they were. I guess they're a real band.

Question is, is the NY1 theme song on the album?