Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, G . . .

Ava turns two today. I can't BELIEVE that it has been two years since I became a father. I have a real post in the "drafts" folder but I'm trying to clean it up (it is a little long, a little rambling and a little "emotional" in its current state) but I wanted to wish Ava a very happy birthday.

We woke up at about regular time this morning (Ava at 6:30, Mommy and Daddy at 7:30) and Joy made the birthday girl some butterfly and flower shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. We opened one gift (there are several more waiting, as you can see) and then we call Gamma and Gampa Amo' to thank them for their gift.

We've baked 36 cupcakes that I'm going to frost during nap time (we are expecting a total of seven cupcake eaters at Ava's party later today so let's assume we're doing some overkill here) and we are going to have some of Ava's favorite foods (hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, fench-fies, chips, appuh juhs, matoes (tomatoes) and zuk-nee (zuchini))

BY THE WAY - a very special happy birthday to Bruce Cohn and Danielle (Magaldi) Dopman, two of my very best friends from college!

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