Saturday, July 5, 2008

Five Month Goals (Two Months To Go) . . .

This whole post-gastric bypass "journey" will, statistically, be over for me in just two months and two weeks. 75 days from now, if I crunched the numbers correctly. I'm sort of freaked out by that. I had a realization at lunch today that I am 32. I have a LOT of life ahead of me and - in just two short months - this surgery will no longer be able to help me lose or maintain my weight and I have another 50 years or so ahead of me to actually do the WORK of staying "skinny". With that in mind - let me keep myself honest with an update on my goals.

1 - Weight 245 - 240 pounds by June 12th. I missed that goal. I don't know what my weight is today but I HOPE I have entered that window - and will get below it soon!

2 - Participate in a 5K Walk. Accomplished. I had a great walk and a great time a few weeks ago.

3 - Become more serious about bike riding. It has been HOT here lately. I've not been on my bike in a month. I will likely NOT reverse that trend until the fall. A sad excuse, I know, but I'm being honest.

4 - Re-establish a connection with God. Improving. I am reading my books and I am praying and, just yesterday, I said "God Bless America" without the slightest sense of irony. That must count for something! I'm planning on starting my tour of religious buildings (for services, not just tours) tomorrow morning too.

5 - Take Care of Old Business. Accomplished. My awkward call to an old friend's mother WORKED. He called me at work a few weeks ago. We spoke for about 30 minutes. His exact words were "You might be serious about all this. I hope you are. Call me in six months if you are still serious. Then I will be willing to really accept all that you've said here today." I know that is what he said because I have it written on a Post-It in my wallet. I look at it every day.

6 - See Ten Movies. Almost there. I've seen Iron Man, Indiana Jones, The Happening, Wall-E, The Love Guru, You Don't Mess with the Zohan and Hancock. That makes EIGHT. We already pre-purchased tickets to go see Batman in IMAX in Kansas City so that leaves one more to make good on and I'll have ten. I must say that I'm really enjoying movies this summer.

7 - Weigh 200 Pounds by March 20, 2009. In the works. I've stated above that I am slowing way, way down on weight loss and I am starting to get nervous about the last 20% of the weight I wanted to lose (I've lost 80% of my goal weight already - 240 of 283 pounds). The last 20% is going to be WAY tougher than the first 80% though. I'm realizing that the last few weeks.

8 - See My Brothers and Have Them See Their Niece. In the works. The plan, as of now, is to get back to the Northeast in September. The QUESTION mark is if I will have Ava . . . or Joy . . . with me. This fragile economy, one income, Joy's class schedule and the reason I am going home will all make it a long and hard decision. I WILL see my brothers though.

9 - Get Rid of My C-PAP. Improving. I still haven't scheduled the at-home sleep study BUT I have not used my C-PAP in two weeks and I feel GREAT. I WILL get an official doctor's note to get rid of the stupid thing though . . . one of these days. In the next two months for sure!

10 - Start Writing My Book. Accomplished. I've been writing feverishly while Joy is at class on Monday and Wednesday nights and I have some really good stuff (at least I think it is good) on the hard drive. The challenge I am having is that - if my parents, who were here for the last two weeks, are any indication - I don't think people GET what I have been going through or why I have been doing it the last 16 months. I don't know if writing a book about how you can stare death in the eye and never feel the stare of it and then, once on the other side, just want to go back and really understand and feel what you went through and be more AWARE of yourself, your life, your behavior and the stare of death in the future is going to get me on Oprah's must-read list or not. Time will tell. For now, I am going to just keep writing. And reading. And watching.

11 - Make New Friends. Improving. We went to a birthday party for a 2-year old a few weeks ago and hung out with her parents and other parents. We had Tricia over for dinner. We are having some other friends in one night next week for dinner. We are trying to connect with a few folks here in town for playdates for the kids and I am supposed to set something up for my family and my boss and his family. That counts, right?!

12 - Go Floating. In the works. We didn't make it this weekend BUT we are hoping to get to Missouri and on to the river later this month. Joy is trying to figure it out so we can go at the same time as her cousins and their families. I HOPE we can go. SOOOOOO much fun!

13 - Become Creative Again. Met. I am tapped in to my creative juices recently. I am branching out at work. I gave Joy TWO "good" suggestions on improving the house this week. I am writing. I am feeling good about blogging again. I am telling Ava made up stories. I'm even trying to figure out time to paint again. The ghost of Sean's creativity hath awakened!

So there you have it. Four accomplished goals. Three eminent-to-meet goals. Four gonna-make-it goals. One goal that I am walking away from (my bike) and one that I failed at. Not bad with 75 days to go.
I'm off to get started on the rest of 'em. Wish me luck!

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