Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blowin' Stuff Up In the Front Yard . . .

We live in/on College Hill here in Wichita. Wichita's "oldest" and "most established" neighborhood. There are lots of really old and really beautiful houses in our neighborhood (our home included) and that is rare for a city that has some very new and very "cookie cutter" neighborhoods that immediately spring to mind when you tell the average Kansan you live in Wichita. Anywho - true to our form - we chose to take a chance yesterday and we did all of our "ground" fireworks here at the house.
Led by the always intrepid Uncle DJ (who has even guided me gently in to the world of fireworks) - we all had a great time. Not everyone participated (Grandma and Grandpa) but everyone else did (including Joy and Stephanie who usually just watch).
Yes - I said everyone. Even the girls. YES - I admit it - I let my 23 month old daughter light off fireworks and play with sparklers in the front lawn . . . and she had a great time and still has ten fingers, ten toes, two working eyes, normal hearing and an inquisitive young mind. So THERE!
DJ, Stephanie, Lexy and I (the rest of 'em stayed home) went to DJ's parents in Park City to blow off all of our aerials after the sun went down. Park City, Kansas knows how to DO July 4th, by the way. MAD props to the city and its fine residents who blow it allllll up from about 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM!

Here are some photos of the fun . . .

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This Show said...

Ava looks so happy blowing things up. I can't wait till Chris Darcy catches her lighting a pumpkin on fire in the back of Hepatitis Creek.