Wednesday, July 9, 2008

250 Posts Later . . .

This post marks number 250 on my blog. I was running through old posts last night and decided to pull together a handful of my favorites - for those who don't want to read ALL 249 of them. Here, in no particular order (actually, they are in chronological order), are some that I am particularly fond of.

Living Large - One of my first handful of posts, the Living Large book is still one of my favorite reads (I've read it twice) and a "must have" for men who struggle with their weight and their perceptions of who they are because of/in spite of their weight.

Five Months Later - The Morning Of - Back when I could still remember the day so vividly (it seems soooooo long ago by now), I blogged about the morning of my surgery and where my head was. I re-read it last night and, I must confess, it made me cry a little bit. I can't believe I weighed 483 pounds. I can't believe that it took me so long to really address the issue. I can't believe I had such a wonderful life and support system then but only really appreciate it now. Coming up on 16 months later . . . I am still very emotional about that day.

What's In a Name - I got in to nicknames and one, in particular, that has stuck with me throughout my life and one that I never realized I hated until it was "too late." Rereading this post reminded me that I have struggled with my weight my entire life and, until I was in a real spot and really in dire straits, it was always made "light" of. Anywho . . .

Long Term Goals Cut Short - The first appearance of Sean's Soap Box. Not the last. Not the best. Not the worst. I am PROUD to tell our guest speaker that I was right and he was wrong . . . at least in my case. The 10% method (lose 10% of my body. Then lose 10% of that body. Then lose 10% of that body and EVENTUALLY lose 70% of the original body) is working quite well.

I've Never Been So Happy to Be So Sick - Another 60 pounds lost since this post, it seems sort of silly that I was so excited at the time but - by 10 more pounds from now I'll think that my current self-amusement is funny. Here's to benchmarks, big achievements and celebrating them!

And Now, A Word from Wifey - If you click on the word "Wifey" on the bottom of any of her posts, you can see all of her posts (almost all, they might not all be "tagged"). Joy is just an amazing woman and this is my favorite of her posts - BESIDES my anniversary post. I love you, Pop Tart. Thanks for taking my breath away on a daily basis - and letting me return the favor every once and a while.

Is It February 7th Again ALREADY - One year after the official scheduling of my surgery, I was looking back on that important day again. Good stuff. I CAN still remember the panic attack and the rush of joy that came from it. May I never forget the emotions that have come from and through this experience.

Every Four Years - I can be silly and make a point while STILL having many, many typos and grammatical errors in a post (and I communicate for a LIVING - how sad is THAT)!

What Are You Going to Do Next? - This was the first time I really realized that this life was FOREVER and that I had to start letting Joy and Ava come first on some things. Even if that meant eating at Pizza Hut

All Julie Andrews and Stuff - Despite some of these favorites no longer being a favorite and despite some of them seeming oftly "simple" of me - it was what it was. I still think Ava's big laugh and a Joyful Joy are two of life's greatest rewards.

Playlist #3 - I've shared plenty of favorite tunes with you, loyal readers, this was my favorite of the playlists I have posted. I have a new obsession, by the way, Rosie Thomas. She's friends with Sufjan Stevens (an absolute FAVORITE of mine) and she's got a haunting voice that makes me want to sip tea and talk about facism (or whatever).

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades - Not everything this side of surgery is bright and rosy and I have much work to do. I am working on it though. I will get there.

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Cuse44 said...

You're doing great, Sean! First time reading through your blog, I'm glad you reached out to say hi.
It's a good thing that Phig Bruce found me.