Sunday, July 20, 2008

16 Months . . .

My surgery was sixteen months ago today.

I spent last night walking around JC Penney (they were having their BIGGEST SALE of this half of July of this year so I could not resist) and trying on clothes and realizing it has been MONTHS since I set foot in the big and tall department of the store (I have a 40 inch waist and a a 17 inch neck, by the way . . . that is like freshman year of high school "tiny") and thinking about where the time has gone.

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I was thinking today - as I escaped the 100 degree heat with a trip to the grocery store - that there is very, very little I really remember or miss about my day to day eating before surgery.

Thankfully the aisles of Dillon's would not let me totally forget the foods I used to partake in (to say I "enjoyed" them would largely be a stretch) . . . and for those sorts of reminders - my humble THANK YOU to Dillon's and all other reminders of how far I have come as have the people, places and things that were part of my life before surgery. It is good to still remember where I "came from" so that I can honor my commitment to never really return.

Two months left on this "journey" - much to do. I have 45 more pounds to lose and a ton of work to do on myself (that part of the journey will likely only end when my ashes are gently floating through the breezes of Fuddrucker's in Alexandria, Virginia (smile))!

PS - Special "shout out" to my niece, Lexy's, YMCA Lady Bulldogs. Her softball team capped off an undefeated season in the 100 degree Wichita heat. Nice job, sweets!

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