Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome Back to My Life "Energy" Drink . . .

Now let me be very clear about this. I do not condone the consumption of vast amounts of sodium for the sake of great taste. I don't think that there is a beverage out there that is better for the body than water (especially since I stopped drinking Courvoisier on a dark, rainy night in May, 2006) and I do not want my old stomach and my ability to drink and eat the foods or yore back (come ON, Little Debbie - get that sugar free Swiss Cake Roll on the market . . . hear me, feeeeeeel me) but I have to say, I was SUPER excited to be in the convinience store this morning - buying ice for my office since our freezer's ice machine is less than capable of keeping 35 advertising professionals adequately "chilled" in the late-June heat - when I saw Sugar Free Powerade in the cooler!

That's right. From the people that brough you the entire line of Coca-Cola products and specifically Powerade and, uh, Powerade light and, uh, Powerade + Vitamins (the B ones at that) and, uh, )Powerade Option and, hmmm, what else (I'm sure their additions to science and nutrtion and sports in general is vast and intimidating) . . . comes . . . POWERADE ZERO

A more perfect beverage, the convinience store has never known. It tastes (to me, almost two years since my last energy drink experience) EXACTLY like real Powerade but it has NO sugar and NO calories and only about 2% of my daily sodium allowance (per serving).

Helllllll yeah. I like the Mixed Berry (that comes in a very "organic" looking shade of blue) and I like the Grape (equally calming in its purple-ish hue). Joy likes the Strawberry.

Good to the last drop. Pick some up. Take it to the gym. Take it with you when you pretend to go to the gym. Sip it gingerly in the parking lot of the QuikTrip while waiting to use the payphone (if you need the payphone). Enjoy the taste of what your GB life has left behind.

And daydream about how good that sugar free Swiss Cake Roll is going to taste when Debbie delivers it to your door!

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