Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Walk-a-Thon . . .

As one of my 13 5-Month goals that I set for myself in early May, I am going to be participating in a three mile walk-a-thon next Saturday (the 14th) morning here in Wichita. I am walking to meet my goal BUT I chose this walk in honor of all the people that I know and love (especially family members) who have had heart and stroke problems.

I'm excited AND nervous, frankly. I don’t even know how far three miles IS, truth be told, and it should be in the mid/upper-80s by the time the walk is over so I might actually have a heart attack before it is over. Old Sean would have (smile).

I would love if you would all fly/drive/walk in and walk with me but if you want to just give some money to the American Heart Association and help me earn my t-shirt (I need $100 in donations to get one), click here.

NO pressure but I’d love the support – in any way you can give it (even if it is only a kind thought that morning).

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