Saturday, June 14, 2008

Three Miles, 37 Minutes . . .

I had my walk-a-thon this morning. It was a beautiful morning here in Wichita and that helped me a lot as I got ready for the big event. I was, truth be told, very nervous going in to it because the last time I remember walking any "measured" distance (especially one over a mile) was the Crop Walks I participated in while a high schooler. I've gained and lost several hundred pounds since then.

I am PROUD to say that I took the three-mile course this morning and I completed it in just over 37 minutes. That is an average of 12 minutes per mile, if you are keeping track (the average person walks a mile in fifteen minutes). I was only "beat" by a handful of walkers who took the three mile course (and walked the whole way - a lot of people chose to ran parts or all of the event) and I even beat several one-milers back to the finish line (suckahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs!).

I wished I had walked with someone to keep me company but Ava woke up this morning in a less than wonderful mood so Joy stayed home with her (my iPod did quite nicely in a pinch though (smile)). I had a good time. I thought a lot about my father and his stroke and the heart and stroke problems that seem very, very common in my family. I prayed that I never know the "business end" of heart disease and I thought a lot about my heart and the things that are in it and who I am becoming (I do that a lot lately, as you likely know).

I'm proud of myself for making it three miles so quickly and I am very, very proud of myself today for having lost almost 240 pounds in the last 15 months so I can have the courage to even enter a three mile walk-a-thon.

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This Show said...

12 minutes is about the pace I keep when I'm jogging. Granted my jogging is most other people's powerwalking. Keep it up baby.