Monday, June 2, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Hillary . . .

In January, 1998, I moved to Washington, DC. I left my friends at college for the spring semester of my senior year of college to get a jump start on graduate school and to finally see if "big city" living was officially for me.

I chose Washington, DC for one very simple reason. The Clintons were there. That's right. I moved to DC to be closer to Bill, Hillary and Chelsea.

Sure - I know that sounds a bit creepy but the reality is that I was deeply in love with politics at the time and Bill Clinton was my second-Idol (Mario Cuomo was, is and always WILL be THE man) and Hillary is a very, very close third for me.

I had the pleasure of doing some work with/for the Clintons over the years at my old job. I met them both (the picture above is me - super heavy and a little drunk - at a housewarming fundraiser during her 2000 Senate campaign) and I have continued to admire them as they have gone from the White House to the Senate to the presidential trail and . . . now . . . to who knows where.

Many are counting Hillary out. I hope they are wrong. The Clintons have been counted out many, many, many times since they first started their lives in Politics and - as of today - they are still going strong and their critics have always been wrong.

We'll find out tomorrow, many believe. Senator Clinton is supposed to make her primary season-ending speech in New York (which really doesn't mean anything, for the record) Tuesday night and then, the next morning, she will start the next phase of whatever is ahead for her.

Obama can NOT wrap up the nomination on Tuesday though and there is still much work to be done with these "super delegates" in terms of them figuring out who is most likely to win the White House itself (that is the whole point of this contest anyway, right?).

Anywho - say it ain't so, Hillary. Stick it out. Fight the fight. I still believe you are the best person we have to lead this country for the next eight years (one term is just not an option (smile)) and you fighting and fighting all these years just motivates me to overcome my own struggles and issues. My weight and mental health don't seem nearly as big of a problem when you compare them to trying to run the Free World!

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