Sunday, June 29, 2008

Latest iTunes Playlist . . .

It has been a while since I updated my iPod but with the new Coldplay and Alanis albums loaded in to iTunes it was time to synch up and rock out. Of course NO visit to my iTunes would be complete without setting up another playlist so I went ahead and threw something together. I did something a little more mellow this time but, as per always, I think that this playlist is sort of where my head is at lately . . .

1 - Vega4, Life Is Beautiful - I think this song was on one of my earlier playlists (I'm way too lazy to check) but I really like it. It feels like the opening credits to an episode of Grey's Anatomy but - there are worse things in life. The song is about, uh, life being, uh, beautiful and "stuff".

2 - Two Spot Gobi, Sunshine Lady - I heard this song in the background of a podcast that I like to listen to and actually e-mailed the podcaster to find out who the song was by and the name. I was so awkward about e-mailing him though that I went on and on and on about what a huge fan of the podcast I am and how I listen every week and how I go to his website all the time to check out additional content and so on. When said-podcaster typed me back he pointed out, very politely, that at the end of every episode of the podcast he tells who the music he featured was AND on his website is a section that contains the artist and song informatio as well. Open mouth, insert foot, up to calf or maybe knee. Anywho, good song.

3 - Coldplay, Lost! - My boys are BACK and they don't disappoint me (I know, I know, Coldplay "sucks" and they haven't had a good song since "Yellow" and blah, blah, blah - zip it all you haters - no one ever said that Chris Martin had to become some super hero for the anti-establishment. It is NUTS what getting married and having a kid or two can do to a man, right? Lost is my favorite song off the new album but I'm still really "getting to know" the CD (I listen to it daily, literally) so that might change over time. "Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost, doesn't mean I'll stop, doesn't mean I will cross." - Interesting for those of you that have me on depression-watch, when I hear just because I'm losing . . . I think of weight loss. The song takes on a whole new meaning in that context. OH - and for you cool kids - there is also an accoustic version of the song on the CD. I prefer the plugged in one though.

4 - Alanis Morissette, Orchid - Having gone on and on and on about Alanis once before (and not long ago), I will simply say that her new album does not disappoint me either. Orchid, on the bonus CD, is a great song. My favorite lyrics (that remind me of my life with my wife) . . . "So I've lived in my blind spot thought myself usual when I'm not and your garden is a nice spot as long as it is brave and where you are." Check out the whole CD.

5 - My Morning Jacket, I'm Amazed - I love My Morning Jacket. No - I've never been to Bonnaroo and I don't have much street cred on the music front (I've already defended Colplay in this post and I'm going to tell you what my favorite Leona Lewis song is a little later). ANYWHO - I love My Morning Jacket. Their album Z was an instant favorite for me and I have anxiously awaited this album. Favorite song from the new album - I'm amazed. Favorite lyrics . . . im amazed at the evoltion im amazed at the lack of faith. Reminds me of my own doubters. The song, as a whole, is about loving Mother Earth or something like that though. Who the heck knows what this Bonnaroo hippies are even talking about half the time? It just sounds GOOD.

6 - Barenaked Ladies, Eraser - Picture it, Hamden, Connecticut. Fall. 1994. I'm channeling my best Estelle Getty on Golden Girls here to tell you about how Molly Scott introduced me and Chris Delenick to Barenaked Ladies. The rest is history, as they say. What went from the little band that "only I" knew of went on to release a song of their first album (If I Had a Million Dollars, any one?) and then "blew up" and "lost it" but I stuck by them. I've seen them four times in concert (a personal record) and I still believe they have some credibility - mainly just having fun with their music. Now all fathers, they put out Snacktime a few weeks (months?) ago full of silly tunes for their kids. Eraser and Here Come the Geese are my favorites. Eraser fit better on this particular playlist.

7 - Notorious B.I.G., Big Poppa - Oh man. Christopher WHY did you have to leave me? Once upon a time the kids called me Biggy and I invented the remix under their guidance. B.I.G. was the man and no song made me feel more entitled to be morbidly obese than Big Poppa. I mean the man said "'cus I see some ladies somenight who should be havin' my baby - bay-bay!" and it didn't even feel silly or ironic at the time. Rest in peace, big. We still miss you.

8 - Adele, Chasing Pavements - Huge fan of Adele. I've talked about her in this blog before. Chasing Pavements is my second favorite song on her debut album (her version of Make You Feel My Love just didn't flow on the mix). I don't even know what it means - to Chase Pavements - but the song makes sense none the less.

9 - Grizzly Bear, Knife - Confession. I heard of Grizzly Bear through a blog that I like to check out from time to time. The blog takes musical acts (some that are really famous, some only mildly and some probably only famous to those who really "know" them to begin with) and puts them on the streets of Paris (or around Paris) and they have them perform (Vampire Weekend performs in a van, while driving, for instance). Anywho - so they perform Knife and I am all enthraled and I pull up iTunes and I can't find it. Why? Because I thought the name of the song was NIGHT (I missed where it plainly says KNIFE on the video). I thought it was a beautiful love song and it is actually about obsession. While reminds me of my obsession and how all I want to do some nervous minutes is recount my calories and exam my hanging skin flaps to guess how much they weigh. Anywho - good song.

10 - Kraak & Smaak, Squeeze Me - I can not tell you where I stumbled on this song (maybe it was a free download from iTunes) but I'm addicted. Ava is too. She does the full booty-drop dance with the head shakes and the elbow shimmys when we turn it all the way up in the car. If I did work out like I am supposed to - this one would be on my gym mix.

11 - Mika, Happy Ending - The one downer of the mix. It makes me miss a few of my old friends and regret that I lost touch with them. The rest of Mika's CD is really good though. I downloaded it the day I got home from the hospital after my surgery and listened to it all those lonely nights that I walked the highways of IBM in Somers alone.

12 - Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love - So she won the UK equivilant to American Idol and now she's really popular here. I don't know why but, like last year's Umbrella, this song seems to have made its way in to my heart as the OFFICIAL SONG OF SEAN'S SUMMER. Laugh all you want, I can take it.

13 - Jon Foreman, Deep In Your Eyes (There Is a River) - I love my wife. I can't state it enough or simply or clearly enough. I let Jon Foreman make it all sticky-sweet instead.

14 - Pras featuring ODB and Mya, Ghetto Superstar - Summer. 1998. I had moved to DC after meeting my boys Michael, Ben and Bob and the ladies of my life - Megan, Val and Helga the Red (I still love you best, Olga) and we lived in a beat-down two bedroom apartment with four guys and no central air. We DID have cockroaches though. Lots of them. Big ones. Afraid of nothing. They would ask you to pass magazines in the bathroom they were so bold. Across the interesction from our apartment was a movie theater though. It was still showing Titanic when I moved in and, as summer rolled around, Bulworth moved in (DC being a sorta political town and all). I went to see that movie four or five times in the first two weeks it was out. Mainly for the cold, cold air that blew around in the theater. Secondly for the popcorn they sold me. Not so much the movie itself (I LIKED it but - It was no Lethal Weapon 26 (or whatever) that came out later that summer). Great song. Great song. Great song. The Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers original is not bad either (Islands in the Stream - for those not familiar with the Dolly Parton hit Ghetto Superstar).

15 - The Rolling Stones, You Can't Always Get What You Want - Kevin Costner was supposed to steal the show in The Big Chill. The movie was supposed to be all about him. Instead we only ever see his hands and hairline in the coffin during the opening credits of this great, great movie (with an even better soundtrack) about college friends who grow apart but come back together for the death of a friend. I don't know why but the minute the organist starts in the film, I sort of knew this song was coming. I will still watch this movie every chance I get. It makes me think of Danielle (mmmmBella) Magaldi/Dopman (who had the soundtrack) and my college friends and how I hope that we might someday all spend a weekend together again just to let our lives recross and remingle. What an adventure that would be.

16 - Stevie Wonder, Master Blaster (Jammin') - I love me some little Stevie Wonder . His four-disc super collection that came out in late 99 or early 00 is one of my all-time favorites (I've bought several copies of it for friends too). Joy and I had Stevie do our wedding music (well, his CDs at least) and I don't think I will love a song more than I love "As." It is summer though. Master Blaster is the way to go on this mix. Play on, Stevie.

17 - P.M. Dawn, Faith in You - Here is a couple of brothers (they really are related, I don't mean that in the "jive talk" sense (in case any one thinks I am a closeted racist)) that love them some Jesus Christ and love them some music. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss may have been about Christina Applegate but almost 99% of the rest of their songs are about God and spirtuality (including their cover of Norwegian Wood). Faith in You makes me think of all the diets that I tried that failed and my commitment to making this journey work. It makes me think of Joy too. I know, I know, I'm sorta' pathetic.

18 - The Police, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - Just give it a listen. I don't need to defend this one or explain it.

19 - The B-52s, Roam - Ava loves the B-52s. I love them accordingly (Tin Roof Rusted and such). Roam is my favorite B-52s song though. It is about adultery, or so I've been told. I don't support that - or a happy song about it - but I like the idea of endorsed adventure and seeing the world and understanding it. I moved to Kansas. I am a man who can take risks and find the rewards. Come on out and visit - tornado season ends tomorrow.

20 - Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl - I'm not really sure what I like about this song. The last time a song had this title it was the 90s and Jill Sobule was a staple of Sean "GUYK" Christopher's CD collection. This song is just straight up different. Not something I would usually like. Not my genre and not my flavor. It gets in your head though and, before long, you are shouting along. And your co-workers are trying to figure out why you are shouting along with a woman who is telling the world she kissed a girl and "liked it."

21 - Oasis, Wonderwall - This one reminds me of Pezzullo. He loved him some Oasis (he really, really loved the Beatles and I think he WANTED Oasis to be the next coming of Paul and John - sorry that didn't work out for you, mate). It is a great song though that feels like a nice way to wrap up an iTunes mix. Maybe . . . you're gun-be-da-one that saaaaves me. Cuz after awwwlllll, yur my wondur-wah-eh-al.

Anywho, that's the mix. What's in your ears these days? Let's get some chatter going.

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