Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy-O . . .

My father turned a young and spry 61 today.

We went to a nice, healthy (TOTAL sarcasm) dinner at Red Robin to celebrate his special day. It was my mother, father, wife and daughter as well as Lexy, my father- mother- and sister-in-law too. It was odd to celebrate a family occassion with such an odd configuration of "family" - it made me really miss my brothers and Joyell, frankly.

I had the cup of chili with cheese and red onions and my father and Joy enjoyed some birthday cake after Joy got home from class.

I didn't envy the cheeseburgers, french fries, milkshakes and chicken "fingers" that the rest of the table enjoyed and I certainly did not feel bad about not having a big slice of cake at 10:00 PM. I don't think, a few years ago, I could have resisted THAT much temptation in one evening. By now - it feels like "old hat".

HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday, Dad. I love you and I'm extremely happy that you were able to spend your special day with us here in Kansas.

One more week to go with the 'rents in town. We're excited to make the most of it (rumor has it I might even take some time off from work tomorrow afternoon and all day Monday to hang out).

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Brandy76 said...

I can see the 8th grade Sean in here! What a great surprise to find that you are doing so well! Congratulations...hello!...and wish your father a Happy Birthday for me, too!