Thursday, June 5, 2008

Five Month Goals (Four Months to Go) . . .

I wanted to update my five month goals (20% in to my alotted time to accomplish them) for those who care (all three of you).

1 - Weigh 245 - 240 pounds by my birthday, June 12th - MISSED - With just seven days to go, I weigh 250.16 pounds. I won't make it BUT I will only miss my goal by 5ish pounds. Life will go on - and I WILL lose those pounds.

2 - Participate in a 5k Walk/Run (Walking, naturally) - MET (SORT OF) - I am registered for the 2008 Heart Walk here in Wichita on Saturday, June 14th. I'm going to try the three-mile course (I think). Click here to see my webpage for the event and to donate to the cause (if I get over $100 in donations, I get a free t-shirt and, like any time I go see Barenaked Ladies in concert - I feel like I sort of "need" the t-shirt).

3 - Become more serious about my bike riding - IMPROVING - I rode twice last week and hope to make it three times this week. One pedal at a time. I'll get there.

4 - Re-establish a connection with God - IMPROVING - I have been "talking" with God on an almost daily basis as of late and researching religions and cultural assumptions about religions (and the religious (very interesting)). I'm still leaning towards embracing my inner-Jew but, we'll see how that goes in good time.

5 - Take Care of Old Business - IMPROVING - I have had hard but wonderful conversations with three of my four people that I felt I had to reach out to. One is an old boss. That one went really, really well. One is an old girlfriend that I felt I was never really honest with (including dating her for almost two years and never introducing her to a single one of my DC friends (e-mail me if you want the scoop, DC people (smile))) who forgave me and was very happy for me and who seems to be doing very well herself these days. One is a good friend from high school that I just lost touch with after some harsh words. I've left four messages for the last person (including a totally embarassing one with his mother) and I won't leave more than five. I have to try to reach him though. For any one else who feels I owe them an apology (and feel free to be honest - e-mail me.

6 - See Ten Movies - IMPROVING - I've seen two - Iron Man and Indiana Jones. We have a plan to see The Happening next weekend and Batman the weekend after that. We have Wanted later this summer and a few other "must sees". Slow and steady. I'll get to ten this summer. Arena-style movie theater chairs ARE sort of comfortable after all (I never actually understood it before (smile)).

7 - Weigh 200 Pounds by March 20, 2009 - IN THE WORKS - I am waiting for my insurance company to tell me which doctor(s) I can go see in Kansas City to resume my post-surgery care regimen and I will work through them to address my excess skin and how I will get the rest of the weight off my body.

8 - See My Brothers and Have Them See Their Niece - N/A - We are supposed to head East in either August or September and we'll make a plan to see my brothers when we put the plan together.

9 - Get Rid of My C-PAP - IMPROVING - As I told you earlier, I've essentially taken myself off the snorkel (NYtoVA). I am waiting for a date in the coming weeks to retake my sleep study (I will likely do a "twilight study" which is done in the home with a computer-equiped self-calibrating Bi-PAP) and we'll see what the professionals tell me.

10 - Start Writing My Book - MET - If STARTING to write was my goal, I'm there! I have a title page and the preface written and I'm working on the first chapter (my pre-school adventures). I have a general outline for what I want to include in the book and the direction I plan to take for each section/topic/etc. I should, at this pace, be done by sometime in mid- late-2023! Look for it in a trash can near you later that same year.

11 - Make New Friends - IMPROVING - I have met a few people through my role on the board of a non-profit group here in town that I like and a former co-worker and I are talking about getting our families together one evening. I guess that is some progress, right?! We are going to see Joellyn and Ryan and Paige this weekend and Tricia and Sebastian in a few weeks. Let's agree that this one is improving - but needs more work.

12 - Go Floating - MET (SORT OF) - We are committed to driving out to South-Eastern Missouri the weekend of the 4th. I'm super excited. I was in a Bass Pro Shop while we were in Kansas City for business a few weeks ago and I got all excited looking at canoes and life jackets. I even bought myself a super-duper hat to wear on the river. I can't WAIT!

13 - Become Creative Again - MET (SORT OF) - My flute is at Wichita Instruments for repair as we speak. I bought some finger paints the other night for Ava and I to play with. I have my book started. I'm still blogging. It is another work in progress. Feeling groovy about it. Joy has class on Monday and Wednesday evenings so we are going to start painting before bed time on those nights (Daddy doesn't mind the mess like Mommy does).

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