Thursday, June 26, 2008

Doing My Part to Battle the Fuel Crisis . . .

I was sent this article from US News and World Report this morning that gives some very helpful hints on how to save $1,000 at the gas pump. Number eight on the list reads as follows . . .

8. Lose Weight: Possible Savings 13.1 gallons/yr for each 100 pounds you remove ($104/yr) - Government estimates say that an extra 100 pounds in your car can reduce fuel efficiency by up to two percent. And that's an average -- the smaller the car, the more extra weight makes the engine work harder.

I drive a Toyota Matrix (a small car) and I've lost 240-ish pounds. That is a savings of at LEAST $250 on gas. Annually.

Here I thought gastric bypass was about extending my life and living a healthier existence but - gravy of gravy - I'm saving at the pump too. This just keeps gettin' better!

SO - congratulations to allllll my fellow GBers (and dieters in general) for saving money, helping mother nature and striking a blow against the current fuel "crisis" we are facing in the fifty-nifty!

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