Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birthday Wish . . .

It is my birthday today. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm 32. I won't be going on and on and on about the day and its importance and how I was not sure I would ever see 32 (truthfully I am not sure that I was all that sure there for a while) and I won't be talking about my wish list (wifey hooked me up with some great books and a CD and a DVD from her and Gracie-girl and my parents sent a card with a gift inside that I'll open tonight so I'm happy) or what fabulous things I'm doing today (here's a clue - driving a rental car to and from Manhattan, KANSAS for a business meeting).

It's fine. Big friggin' whoop. I pretty-much hate birthdays and have a general distrust of people, especially full grown adults, who get tooooo excited about their birthdays).

I will, however, use this occassion and the you-have-to-do-what-I-say-because-it-is-my-birthday-and-I-said-so mentality that the 12 year old me would inspirt to remind you to PLEASE support the American Heart Association and pledge even $1 to support me the cause and the walk-a-thon I am participating in on Saturday (I don't see a dime of it so feel confident in giving until it hurts).

If my appeal is not enough - consider that I have given YOU a gift for my birthday. I found this picture (while trying to find a non-cringe inducing picture of me on my birthday from my childhood) and decided it might be the most ass-kick-deserving look I've ever left the house with. Even my little brother (not exactly a fashion plate at the time) is giving me the stink-eye in this shot. Ahhhhh, misty water-colored memories of the way we were!


nytova said...

happy belated birthday! thanks for posting that picture because I started my day today with a hearty chuckle!

Benjamin said...

Okay, so I totally forgot to send you a happy birthday. I suck, but I depend so deeply upon Facebook to remind me when people's birthdays are, that I forget some. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Michael sent me the link to the blog. I'm excited to read it all!