Monday, June 30, 2008

Another M*&@#$ Monday . . .

I have a case of the Mondays. There is no refuting it.

Today was "one of those days" - not nearly as cute as that poster of the cat hanging from the tree, or the poster of the cat gripping the toilet seat for dear life (for that matter) and not nearly as dramatic as some of the fight sequences of The Matrix either BUT - it felt like "one of those days" none the less.

I over slept. I am all but out of my face wash. I could not figure out what I wanted to wear to work today - even though I, the obsessive compulsive that I am pick four shirts and four ties every Sunday to go with my four pairs of khakis to wear Monday - Thursday (I try to be "spontaneous" of Fridays (so I lay out my Friday out fit on Thursday evenings)) - I could not get focused early in the morning and then, by the time Joy and Ava and my parents showed up for a delicious lunch in the middle of the day - it was alllllll over but the show.

By mid-afternoon I had a co-worker in tears, I had a stress level that made me want to eat everything in the kitchen and a pulse that would have easily killed the 500-pound me. I wanted very, very badly to just sort of freak out and yell and scream and slam my chair against my desk and storm out of my office. Old Sean would have totally done that. Old Sean would have done that - crossed the street to Red Sage across from the old office and had a margerita and chips and salsa. Old Sean would have done that and loved it.

New Sean is a bit of a "wuss" though . . . or so would say Old Sean or fans of him (Ben Mufti is shaking his head in mortified contempt as I blog) and New Sean did nothing. Very Edward Norton to his Brad Pitt - if you get my drift - speaking of Brad Pitt . . . saw Wanted this weekend. Such a great "summer movie."

Anywho - New Sean was very milky-cereal about his Monday. He sat at work. He solved the problem on behalf of his less-than-inspiring co-worker and he did all the other things on his to-do list despite having to shuffle around his entire day. New Sean didn't give in to the urge to eat at all. Not even for a protein bar or a sugar-free lollipop (slippery slope, slippery slope). New Sean didn't swear or curse. New Sean asked his boss for advice on how to be more effective in this type of scenario. New Sean felt bad that his co-worker was crying (okay, to be FULLY honest, he only felt bad that he was to blame for the tears - the fact that her makeup made a mess of her face entertained even New Sean).

I might not have known what to wear to work this morning and I might not have gotten out of work to spend time with my parents as early as I wanted to but - for the most part - New Sean had an okay day, as moral victories and baby steps forward go.

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