Sunday, May 25, 2008

Say heh-low to-my LIL-fren . . .

For many people around this great land of ours Memorial Day Weekend is a great big, three day hole of time to fill with any thing they please to fill it with. Vacations, spring cleaning, garage sales, opening up their place at "the" lake, shopping and even home improvement projects.

We spent last Memorial Day weekend talking, very seriously, about my early post-surgery success and how different life could be a year later. I spoke with my then-boss at my old job for the first time about it and everything. Oh - we were so naive to the changes.

This Memorial Day weekend has been great. We finally saw Iron Man on Friday night. That's right, I took my special lady out for an evening on the town. It was totally worth the hype and, as a long time fan of Robert Downey Jr., I could not be happier for the success of the movie or how much the character was him and he was the character. I took in Indiana Jones last night too. That's right - two movies in two nights. Check my goals to understand the significance of this "achievement."

ANYWHO - today was the second layer of cake on the cake that will be iced tomorrow. I, under the watchful eye of my in-laws and my wife, operated POWER EQUIPMENT. RIDING power equipment at that.

We (I say "we" like I have a friggin' clue what I'm doing) are doing a paver patio off my in-laws home and the maximum weight limit on the Ditch Witch is 580 pounds. 14 months ago I would have only been barely able to get on the thing. My in-laws would not have asked me to help and Joy would not have allowed me to help. I would have been grateful to be excluded, truth be told. This year though - this year - I buzzed around the back lawn like a seasoned pro bangin' out another job site. For that matter the thing almost tipped over on me when I got more dirt in the bucket in front of me than my weight on the back would balance out.

I worked, outside, in the 90 degree heat for THREE HOURS. The last time I spent three hours in ninety degree heat without being drunk was the summer of 1993 when I was in Denver to see the Pope (another story for another time).

I had a lot of fun ripping up Mom and Dad Terry's back lawn and was very glad that my new body and new open mind allowed me to participate in the fun.

We're going back over tomorrow to do more digging and to start the leveling process. I promise not to knick the house any more, Dad (another story for another time).

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