Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the Road Again . . .

I just got back this afternoon, from week two of my never-ending business trip (five days, 1100 miles this week alone). I'm tired but happy to be back in the office (for at least one day). Right after my surgery, I was unable to travel. I was paralyzed by fear of what would happen when I hit the road in terms of my food and my protein (I imagined a weekend jaunt leaving me in the hospital with no hair, brittle bones and scurvy (don't ask)). It has taken me, frankly, up until about this point to not worry about eating out a restaurant or going on the road or whatever. I dare say that this was the first time, since my surgery, that I hit the road without thinking of myself as a person who's had surgery.

While I was gone I learned a few interesting things about my current diet and my demeanor and how I travel as a post-GB person.

1 - If I don't get my eight ounces of skim milk a day for four straight days there is trouble with the plumbing (if you know what I'm sayin' - and I KNOW you know what I'm sayin'). I'm going to pack some milk in my suitcase next week.

2 - Beef Jerkey (and even better is Turkey Jerkey) is the best gas station offering a person who has had gastric bypass can find. Just be careful of sugar content in some of the flavors.

3 - Pork Rinds are a surprisingly high protein snack. That doesn't make them any less gross.

4 - Pre-bottled Crystal Light is just absurdly delicious. I'm sure a 31 year old man is not the key demo for Crystal Light bottlers (much like my Non-Naught Nibbles chip makers) but I'm a big fan. They have a citrusy flavor that has added caffiene. Dear LORD my body is not used to that jolt/kick anymore. NOTE - Do not drink the stuff at 10:00 PM. You will not sleep for several hours, even with being exhausted from travel.

5 - Sonic, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's and Hardee's all have grilled chicken wraps on the menu. Rip away all the "wrap" you don't need to contain the lettuce, yellow mustard (no mayo or ranch dressing or other random sauces for me, thanks) and ask them to add cheese and you have a good meal in the palm of your hand that you can eat while driving.

6 - The flat lands and wide open spaces of Kansas provide for very long and straight and clear roads. This is useful when driving 95 MPH down the highway and e-mailing on your Blackberry at the same time while your co-worker screams and rips on the "Oh Sh*t" bar for all it is worth.

7 - Dry roasted, unsalted peanuts are just plain delicious. Peanuts get a bad rap for being "fatty" but, if you are an otherwise healthy person (cholesterol wise) you should be fine to eat them, in moderation. I love 'em and they have not stopped me from losing weight.

8 - My suitcase is actually HUGE when I am packing five days worth of size 42 pants and 17 1/2 x 34/35 dress shirts and XL t-shirts and undies (a mental picture you are sure to cherish for the rest of the day) vs. the clothes I used to try to stuff in to my bag. I like being smaller when it comes time to pack.

9 - I hate my C-PAP. Hate it. Want to smash it, Office Space style, and never look at it again. I'm tired of having to carry electronics with me so I can sleep. Time for a new sleep study. I've lost 230ish pounds in the last 14 months. SURELY my apnea has been effected by that.

10 - Hotel pools and gyms are terribly sad places when you aren't buzzed or drunk and/or just splashing around with friends. And who can POSSIBLY swim "laps" in a pool that is 20 feet long and only three feet deep at one end? My knuckles look like I just tried to join the Bloods and failed my "beating in" ceremony.

11 - It is easier to walk/tour a client's facilities for one hour at a time when you way in the mid-200s vs. high 400s. I kept walking/touring all week thinking "no way I could do this a year or so ago."

12 - It is damned good to be home. I am so excited for a three day weekend!

I will try to blog during the weekend but I'll be on the road again most of next week. Don't miss me too much!

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