Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Friend Melissa's Husband . . .

I just found out, yesterday, that my good friend Melissa's husband, Joe, has had gastric bypass surgery and had apparently had some complications. I tried to call yesterday to talk with Melissa and/or Joe about the surgery/situation but no one answered (I'll keep trying).

I'm sort of surprised, frankly, that Joe had the surgery namely because when I last spoke with Joe (admittedly, it was a year ago already) I had just had my surgery and Joe's sister had had the surgery not that long before I had it. Joe was encouraged that the option was out there and was considering it but his sister was having a terrible time with post-surgery life and he seemed hesitant accordingly (he did mention that my positive experience gave him more to think about/consider).

Regardless of how Joe came to the ultimate conclusion to go ahead with the surgery - I am very, very happy for him. Joe is a great guy. He is a smart and caring and funny and kind. I don't know him all that terribly well but any time I have ever spent with him has held a common theme - he is the quiet sanity to Mel's nutiness.

I can't imagine Joe's life will not improve for having had this surgery. Joe and Melissa have two beautiful, young kids, Emma and Andrew. They have a great house in Ithaca (they are readying to move to Florida). Joe and Melissa both work at the hospital. They are both lots of fun and enjoy having fun. I would assume all of the above (and all the other parts of life) will just be enhanced with less weight to lug around.

I hope that Joe had the surgery for the right reasons and on his own terms. I hope he is ready for the life that is ahead of him and is enjoying it more than his sister was when last we spoke and, most importantly, I hope to catch up with Joe and Melissa soon to welcome Joe to his post-surgery journey! Long live Joe!

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