Friday, May 30, 2008

My C(You Later)-PAP . . .

I've got a confession to make. I, without consulting with my physician or my pulminologist (sp?) have decided I no longer need my C-PAP machine. I am not really sure if I should confess this in such a public forum but Wifey, who knows my sleep better than anyone, has been telling me for months now that I am snoring more NOW than I ever have and that the power of my C-PAP is forcing my mouth open all night long so I'm not getting restful sleep.

Realizing that I'm sick of the thing (and Joy being sick of sleeping with me) I decided to take one full week off from my C-PAP and I have to tell you . . . I'm loving it. I sleep better than I ever have. I dream. I can actually hear Ava in the middle of the night so I can wake up and help settle her back in. I get up in the morning on the first ring of my alarm and I have plenty of energy.

I write this realizing that I am saying that being C-PAP-less is giving me the same benefits that I once adored my C-PAP for giving me. Oh irony of ironies when you lose half your body weight and everything starts to change.

Anywho - if any one is interested . . .

FOR SALE - One slightly used and super-annoying C-PAP machine. Acquired in February, 2007 to replace an older version of the machine that was used from March, 2001 through February, 2007, the owner of this machine has decided he no longer needs it.

Features include a water-basin that requires distilled water and daily cleaning (but still grows some sort of moldy muck in it), a six foot long plastic hose to allow air to flow the 18 inches of distance between a nightstand and the sleeping patient, a small and fragile computer/air compressor and a face mask that is held together with masking tape and super glue as the owner does not pack the thing properly for travel and has a 22-month old daughter that thinks the thing is a toy.

COST - Negotiable (will accept 100 Calorie Packs, racquetball matches and opportunities to do maunal labor as payment).

For those who might be concerned that I'm taking my health in to my own hands - I WILL go and have a new sleep study done in the next few weeks (I have a message out to my doctor here in Wichita now) and if they say I have to go back to the C-PAP, I will but - for now - I'm playing by my own rules and LOVING it.

Let me know about the C-PAP!

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nytova said...

you're snorkel-free!! ;-)