Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long and Shorts of It . . .

I have a 41" waist. I say that because my 42" pants are a little room and the 40" pants I tried on at just about every store I went it to last week in Kansas City seemed a bit tight. That being said - soon enough - I will fit in to those 40s and I will have lost 30 inches off my waist since my surgery.

As I've been getting smaller and smaller (I still don't feel comfortable declaring myself skinny (skinnIER maybe)) I find myself in the dressing rooms at JC Penney (oh obsession of mine - with your weekly "biggest sale of the season" and your crafty pricing schemes that FORCE me to buy, buy, buy (sorry about the 1st quarter results, by the way, I TRIED to help - I promise)) with increasingly "odd" clothes in my hands. The latest example, a month or so ago, was not one but TWO pairs of shorts (buy one, get one for $0.99 (PLEASE bring back the cent-sign, keyboard makers!)).

I have not worn shorts in public since the summer of 2000. That is when my lymphedema first formed in my left leg and I realized that the world no longer needed to see my get-away sticks accordingly.

While the eight years fluid build up on my left ankle/calf have left the skin discolored, the muscle all but gone and the general appearance of my leg anything but "cute" - the swelling and fluid has gone down enough that I finally figured "screw it" and I bought myself some shorts.

I wore them last week to mini-golf and then I wore them for one of the legs of my road trip last week and I plan to wear them this weekend (it is in the 90s here during the day with INSANE thunderstorms overnight).

Anywho, I was looking through some old pictures and here is a picture of me with my friend Tae Hee Lee from Quinnipiac the last time I wore shorts in public (Memorial Day Weekend, 2000) - note the "sexy" ankle socks WITH flip flops to "hide" my ankle swelling.

I will post a new picture of me in shorts if I ever get up the confidence to have one taken and then to post it here. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.

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