Monday, May 5, 2008

Five Month Goals . . .

As I mentioned a week ago, I am going to post my goals for the rest of my post-surgery journey (again, most in the medical community believe that the true effects of gastric bypass surgery only last for about 18 months after surgery, I am almost 14 months out) and then I'm going to update on how the goals are coming/going/advancing as I draw closer to September 20, 2008 - my 18-month-aversary.

Here, in no partcular order, are my goals for the rest of my journey . . .

1 - Weigh 245 - 240 pounds by my birthday, June 12th - I currently weight 257 pounds (yep, I have officially plateaued). I have only 38 days to lose 12 - 17 pounds. Not looking good but I'll keep working at it (obviously).

2 - Participate in a 5k Walk/Run (Walking, naturally) - While I'm not exactly interested in becoming a competitive athelete, I would like to eventually think I could walk 3.whatever miles in front of other people without having a massive heart attack somewhere around the first watering station. The heat in Wichita this summer won't help my efforts BUT I am going to give it a shot. There are two walk/runs this summer. I'll be at one of them.

3 - Become more serious about my bike riding - I currently take it out for 20 or 30 minutes, max, at a time. I find my, uh, boy parts (grimace) don't like to ride for much more than that but I'm slowly increasing the time. My hope is to be able to go out for an hour at a time, four days a week, by late September (or at least spend that much time on the bike at the gym (the summer heat here scares me (in case that is not clear yet)).

4 - Re-establish a connection with God - Yep. You read it here first. My parents are crying with pride, joy and hop now. There tears are about to turn to sadness though as I reveal that I don't plan to return to the Catholic church. Nope. I'm actually planning to read the Kabbalah (yes - I know that is the form of Judaism with the red string bracelets and the nutty celebrity following) and might take the full plung of becoming a Jew. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though - for now - I'm going to try to get back to praying and believing in the Ultimate Power that is the G-to the-O-to the Diggy-D. I have not started this process other than trying to pray each night before I go to bed (so far I'm only asking that Ava continue to grow and develop and that Joy continues on her happy path - I'm not bold enough to ask for anything for me yet (I'm not a heretic)).

5 - Take Care of Old Business - I have a few people out there that I walked away from or that walked away from me in recent years. I am going to reach out to each of them and try to get some closure to whatever happened to our relationship. Not looking to regain them in my life, frankly, but to better understand why they are not part of my life. I have my list of four people written out and I have a way to contact them. Let the dialing begin.

6 - See Ten Movies - I used to love going to the movies. We hardly ever go (parenthood, priorities, bad movies, etc.) but I miss movies. I'm going BACK. We saw Baby Mama a few weeks ago (funny movie but, as adoptive parents who have lost a pregnancy we hated the "everyone wins" ending (spoiler alert - everyone gets a kid and a mate and a happy life when it is all said and done)). I have nine more to see and twelve on the summer movie wish list. I like my odds on this one.

7 - Weigh 200 Pounds by March 20, 2009 - I know you might be confused by this as I said these are my 18 month goals and March 20 is a two-year goal BUT I can't get to 200 without medical help (I will need to have my excess skin removed (let me know if you need any excess skin)). That will take time and planning. I want to get myself to 225 or 220 and then go see a doctor about the next step(s).

8 - See My Brothers and Have Them See Their Niece - We are heading back "home" in August. We are trying to minimize the running around so hopefully my brothers can both come to Groton to see us but - if not - we will make the trek to Philly/DC to see them. It is very important they see their niece at least once a year and I want Ava to know her uncles better than I knew my uncles, aunts and cousins growing up (sadly - seeing them once a year will be just about right to equal the relationship I had with my extended family).

9 - Get Rid of My C-PAP - I am waiting on my doctor to advise me on this process now (I will likely need at least one more sleep study to confirm that my apnea is not as severe as it once was) but I am hell bent on not needing the tubes and electricity and sterilized water to help me sleep. I want to spoon my wife for the entire night without her complaining of wind-tunnel like conditions and hoses trying to choke the life out of her, dammit!

10 - Start Writing My Book - I've been poking at writing a book about what it has been like to grow up, go to college, be a young professional, fall in love, get married and start a family as a fat, moody and ambitious man from a somewhat crazy family in small town America since the day after my surgery and I think the time is right to get more serious about it (I've been writing some here and there which is why my blogging has been dropping off). I plan to call the book Stewart Park (a somewhat "inside" reference to someone I love and admire very much in this world) and it will focus on how you can get lost and find yourself at the same time if you just keep trying hard enough. I don't intend for anyone to ever actually READ the book (it would be great if they did and my wife gladly accepts your offer for us to come on the show, Oprah, but this is more about me getting it all of my chest/shoulders/mind and putting it out there).

11 - Make New Friends - We've only really met a handful of people since moving to Wichita. We want a circle of friends to invite over to the house and to hang out with. I'm very excited this - I had a great circle of friends in high school and then college and then in DC that I miss all the time. Friends really are the spice of life. I like it SPICY!

12 - Go Floating - We went last July 4th and we're going to go again this year. Just me, Joy, Ava and about 40 people from the extended Timmermeyer family and their extended families in canoes and kayaks in the Ozarks. I can't WAIT to get back another 100 pounds lighter and knowing what to expect. I might even go twice this summer.

13 - Become Creative Again - I used to play the flute. I used to paint. I used to act. I used to "write" poetry (using quotes to show respect to those who can actually WRITE poems). I used to sing. I used to do a lot of things. I don't really do much of any of them any more. I need to get back at it - especially with Ava's love of crafting, painting and mess making. No excuses to not get back to basics and try to grow her love of creativity at the same time.

That's it. My VERY lucky list of 13 goals. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on the progress.


nytova said...

I found myself sayng "yes, awesome!" to every one of your goals as I read through this list. Seriously, what a smart, thoughtful, realistic, and meaningful list. And some of these goals are so "Sean!" You really sound like you have your s#!t together, pal. I know you don't think you're completely there yet (we are all works in progress, right?), but this outsider looking in thinks you've got it going on!

Sean C. Amore said...

I appreciate that very much. I feel pretty good about the list and I feel like my head is in the right place. For me - that is a victory (smile)!

This Show said...

I retract my CPap anger and will refrain from talking until I read more :)