Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dodge City and Back . . .

My co-worker, Jennifer, and I made the trip to Dodge City and back today (about three hours each way) for a client meeting and we drove through Greensburg, Kansas to get there. The town, as you probably know, was destroyed by a twister about a year ago (they JUST had their one year anniversary).
Kansas is a very flat and very beautiful state and the winds here are wicked all the time but to see a town be literally DESTROYED by wind was quite humbling. It reminded me of the night in late-September, 2001, when I drove with Michael and Megan Thomas out to this random street in the NoVA suburbs of DC for this "perfect" view of the terrible hit the Pentagon took on 9/11 and the first time I saw the footprints of the World Trade Center in early-2002.

What I was left with, as we were leaving town, was this idea that - much like (but on a much, much smaller scale) with the Pentagon or the World Trade Center or the town of Greensburg, Kansas . . . I am changing and evolving and I don't really look anymore like I used to look and some people won't recognize me. Some people have left. Some have returned. Some are waiting it out to see what happens. Some will swear I've changed. Some will swear that I've taken on a whole new identity but - at the end of the day - life is just going on, slightly changed.

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