Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blogs are Group Therapy . . .

According to, some people use blogs as a form of therapy. And by "some people" I mean me and women everywhere (statistically more women than men look to blogs for support and inspiration). A great article on the growing trend of blogging as self-therapy and support network.

Let me be very clear about my blog and my intentions . . . I am not a professional therapist. While crazy is as crazy does and while it does, in fact, take one to know one . . . I am not really here to help or comfort any one nor do I think the funny comments from Brandi or NYtoVA really help or comfort me (make me chuckle - sure, make things "okay" . . . not so much).

Blogging, for me, is really just a way to share the crazy thoughts in my heads, the happy happenings of life after gastric bypass surgery and the things I see/hear/read in this world that, as an obese person, make me chuckle or rage.

If you need real help or support - please let a professional know. If you just want to read about my journey and zap me a note about your own experiences and questions you might have or stories you want to share . . . you are welcome here any time. Literally. It is a website. It's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for EVER (in theory, this whole Interweb thing might just be a fad when it is all said and done (like the television and clothing)).

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