Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The 100 Calorie Pack . . .

I must admit - I am a big fan of the portion and calorie controlled world we are starting to live in and I LOVE that my surgery has put me on a fixed portion, fixed nutrition diet for the rest of my life. I've lost all this weight because of it and I am thankful for it.

I live my food life by portion control. Be it the pre-measured 8 ounces of fat-free milk I buy at the gas station some mornings, the protein bars I frequently eat for breakfast or lunch or even the sugar free Jell-O pudding cups that I frequently enjoy during my evening television, I am sold on buying things that limit me from having too much to eat.

I had felt, for the last year or so, truly screwed-over by the latest in snack trends though since my surgery, the 100 Calorie Pack. Why oh why oh WHY did these bad boys not come along years ago? Little, baby granola bars? Minature Hostess Cupcakes? Candy bars? Crackers? Oreo cookie balls? I mean COME ON! I would have eaten ALL of those things by the box (does that defeat the purpose of the 100 Calorie Pack?) before my surgery but the fact that they still have a lot of sugar (compared to what I can take on), they lack protein and the fat content on most of them is not great has kept me on the sidelines - only able to watch Joy and Ava partake.

I am pleased to tell you that the 100 Calorie Pack trend is no longer lost on me, friends. Nope. I've got a whole new lease on snacking life (I say that more than a hint of irony (my world is not really changed)) thanks to TWO new snack packs . . . one of which is actually the 70 Calorie Pack.

The fine folks at South Beach Living (aka Kraft Foods) have introduced the Dark Chocolate Fudge Covered Snack Stick - available in Peanut Butter or Hazelnut Creme. 100 Calories. Five grams of Protein. One gram of sugar. It almost makes it worth the six grams of fat (including three saturated grams) worth it. The packs are only .78 ounces each too so - if you take your time - you can actually eat the whole thing without stretching out your pouch.

The other latest obsession of mine (move over Lemon Creme Cookies) is the Murray Sugar Free Chocolate Bites pack. While not that great of a splurge overall (one gram protein, three grams fat) there are only seventy calories and there are probably twelve or so little cookies in each pack. The right amount to snack on.

As to not alarm my nutritionist - let me be clear - I don't eat these things every day (almost but not EVERY day) and I do take the 100 (or 70) calories in to account on my daily food logs.

Welcome to my life, 100 Calorie Pack. I hope you and I can have a long, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship for years and years to come.

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