Saturday, May 17, 2008

10 Years, 10 Years. TEN FRIGGIN' YEARS . . .

In Gross Pointe Blank (one of those movies I never think of when asked what some of my "favorite" movies are but one that I will watch at any opportunity), stoner Paul Spericki (Jeremy Piven), upon reuniting with professional assassin (long story - just watch the movie) Martin Blank (John Cusack) on the streets of Gross Pointe, Michigan for the two's 10 year high school reunion ALL he can say, after a few hits of a joint, is ten years. Ten Years. TEN FRIGGIN' YEARS, man.

Today, I realized, it has been ten years TODAY since I walked, very drunk, up the brick sidewalks of Quinnipiac's main quad to recieve my college diploma.

To DeleneDog, Beer-man, BruceSnoop, Teej, Pezzu, Ferl-dog, Mmmbella, Tae Hee Lee and the rest of my QC-crew (we were as thuggish as Gap shoppers at a private New England college could be) - I simply repeat . . . ten friggin' years.

Life is a wonderful trip. I would have never believed - if you would have told me that rainy morning - that any of us would have taken the paths we have. Two of us are doctors (or close to it), one of us opens for The View and is a professional comedian, one of us works in professional sports, one of us is "this close" to a PhD from Columbia, one of us sells birth control for a living, one of us is in markeing and one of us works in PR. We have five marriages (including two that have coupled off with each other) and eight kids between us (that we know of - wink, wink TJK) and we are still in touch, sorta.

Thanks for the laughs on those magical 200 acres and thanks for the friendship, support and love in the decade since we embarked in to the "real world." Frig!

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This Show said...

I'm way behind on my reading. I need to figure out how to use an RSS reader. I love the new pictures.

Other than wanting to yell at you for not talking to a doctor before weaning off the CPap . . . I'm so proud of you. I'm probably even proud of you despite the CPap thing as I honestly have no clue.

But I'm proud of you. You're walking the walk. It can't be easy.

Fourteen years later . . . there's so much to learn from you still.