Monday, April 28, 2008

When Weight Loss Is Not a Choice . . .

I read an interesting article in the newspaper today about a man who is in jail, awaiting trial for murder and he's not at all happy that he's lost 100 pounds since being jailed.

I'm not the brighest bulb on the Christmas light strand BUT I know enough to NOT make fun of a man who is facing murder charges so I will stick to the facts of the story and not give too many opinions on the issue.

According to Broderick Lloyd Laswell, he has lost 105 pounds in the eight months since being jailed for his alleged crime and he is LAWSUIT mad over it. Yes. That's right, he is taking the jail to court over the quantity and quality of the food he recieves in jail. It seems that he doesn't get enough calories and he doesn't get hot meals either.

Insert your own jokes, rage and negative reaction to the sense of entitlement of a man who is charged with ending someone else's life feeling that he needs more and better food while he waits to answer the charges against him - I'm staying mum on the subject (the man might have KILLED someone, why mock him?!).

I WILL say this though. Broderick. Dear, maybe-sweet, unlikely-kind Broderick. You've lost 100 pounds. You have lost 25% of your body weight. You've dropped your BMI and have likely reduced your likely co-morbidities. You are going to live a much longer, healthier life because of the crappy food and tiny portions in your jail envirnonment. SURE - if you get a life sentence you might not WANT to live the additional years you are probably adding to your life BUT - what if you are found not guilty?

You will have a whole new lease on life. I know people who would kill to lose 100 pounds (yes - pun very, very much intended). I know people who would love to have a new chance at life (minus the weight or having skated on a murder charge). I know people who would gratefully remove themselves from the temptations of food and to have an environment where they are told what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it.

It doesn't sound like much of a "problem" you are facing there, Broderick (with the forced diet, clearly the other part of why you are in jail could be a bit of a cracker-jack). Take it from me, sir - as long as your nutritional levels and dietary mandates are being met, weight loss - for a 400+ pound man is not ever really a bad thing.

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