Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swimming Lessons . . .

Ava and I had a swimming lesson this morning. She was the bravest kid in class (and the most talented (it is true, just ask me (smile)))!

It struck me, about half way through the class, that my daughter was chasing floating duckies while I held only her hips to keep her afloat and learning to kick and float on her back unaided and was even swimming under water with the greatest of ease.

She was very brave. She IS very brave. Far more brave than I was at that age . . . or any age close to it. In some ways, relatively speaking, I still don't know if I am more brave.

It made me very proud of her and her bravery! May she always "see" fear but never "know" it . . . that is my wish for today.

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BrandiK said...

Good job Ava!!

I went w/ a girlfriend to that same class- she has twins. I was scared to death I was going to lose one in the water. It's pretty cool how quickly they pick it up.