Thursday, April 24, 2008

Care-A-Ton . . .

If you are in the Wichita-area (of if you want to drive or fly in) please stop by our Old Town offices on Friday Morning for our Second Annual Care-A-Ton Arbor Day Tree Giveaway.

While I'm not a true "tree hugger" - I have been a long time fan of the planet earth and am hoping it will stick around for at least the rest of my life and the lives of the generations that I have sewn (breed (in 25 years or so) as you like, Ava Grace).

Anywho, here are the details of the Care-A-Ton giveaway if you are interested . . .

WHO: Associated Advertising, Johnson’s Garden Center, KFDI-FM, Westar Energy and Marketplace Properties LLC

WHAT: The Second Annual Care-A-Ton Arbor Day Tree Giveaway – 1,000 FREE Red Maple Saplings

WHERE: In front of the Old Town Warren on Old Town Square, 2nd and Mead Streets (between Central and Douglas)

WHEN: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (or until our last tree is given away (first-come, first-served))

ABOUT: Wichita area residents who stop by for a free sapling will receive a tree, planting suggestions and instructions and a list of tips to help reduce and offset their carbon footprint. Folks don’t even need to get out of their car (Associated staff will be available for “drive-thru” service). The small saplings fit easily in your car’s passenger or back seat and you can be on your way in seconds.

If you can't get a free tree from us - please DO plant a tree or do something to honor all-things-Arbor this weekend (even if that just means going for a walk and appreciating the returning leaves and blooms of the greenage).

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BrandiK said...

Is inviting people to fly or drive all the way downtown to pick up a free tree counter-productive to reducing the carbon footprint? ;)~

I actually think this is an awesome idea and love that Assoc is doing it again. Unfortunately, for the second time I am out of town (burning holes in the ozone by flying to/from NY) again.