Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Am I Plateauing? . . .

I haven't been on a scale in almost a month. That sort of worries me. NOT that I think I have gained weight and NOT that I have ever been obsessed with my weight (before or after surgery) but because my body doesn't feel lighter lately.

For the last year I've had this "feeling" - almost on a day-by-day basis, that I was losing weight. Clothes would be looser every time I put them on. My face shape was changing every time I shaved. I got compliments every single day on how I was looking. I felt lighter when I walked around. That I was losing weight was just something that I "knew."

The last few weeks have not had that same feel to them. I have a few theories on why.

1 - It has been a year since my surgery. I have yet to plateau. I've lost 220 pounds. Combine the three and I'm long due for a slow period.

2 - The weather is getting warmer. I don't know how it works for skinny people (having not been this size since early high school) but my swelling, bloating and general "heat" misery begins right around the time the first blooms appear and lasts until that last leaf falls.

3 - I am not nearly as vigilant of what I eat as I used to be. The other night I was feeding Ava and I ate some Cheetos. Just a few, mind you, but Cheetos. The real ones too (v. baked). Let this be a small indicator that my "over the teeth" obsession has faded.

4 - I don't work out as I should. I don't go to the gym three or four times a week. I don't go to the gym three or four times a QUARTER. I go for little walks and I take short bike rides. Excercise is a VITAL component to long term post-GB success. It is time I kick it up a notch accordingly.

5 - My body is getting sort of small. While I'm still a big guy and while I won't soon be confused with an Olsen twin, I am not nearly as large as I used to be. If there is anything that The Biggest Loser has taught me - the bigger the body, the more obvious the subtle changes. I need to weigh myself now to measure change . . . looking in the mirror just won't cut it.

Now, all that being said, I am all but certain that I have continued to lose weight. My pants are way to big for me again. My recent sports coat purchases are getting baggy. I went down another 1/2 inch in my dress shirt size (I can fit in to them - not ready to wear them all day long yet) and my wedding ring is falling off my finger again.

I'm going to go to the gym TONIGHT - long enough to do a quick work out and to jump on the scale. Perhaps weighing myself will be motivation for me to get to the gym. After all, the batteries in our home scale are dead and, having spent the last 20 months changing batteries in Ava's toys on an almost daily basis, I'm exhausted with batteries!

I have two more weight loss goals. I want to be in the low 240s or high 230s by my birthday (I have about two months) and I want to be as close to 200 pounds as possible (I've been told I will likely need surgery to remove excess skin, etc. to get under 200) by the 18 month mark on August 20th. Four months. About 60 pounds. This is going to require some actual WORK on my part.

Let's hope tonight's number reinforces that I'm still losing - slow and steady - and will give me increased motivation to set weight loss goals to get the losing part over with and the maintaining part started!

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