Monday, April 14, 2008

All Julie Andrews and Stuff . . .

I just read my friend Carrie's blog (I do it daily, generally, but I have fallen behind lately) and she had a great post idea that she stole from someone else's blog so I don't feel bad about stealing it from her (he he, ha ha).

Anywho, with inspiration credit to my friend Carrie, here ten of my favorite things these days . . .

1 - A half-cup of Panera's Black Bean Soup and 1/2 of a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich on multi-grain bread with red onion. Simply delicious and a great splurge meal for my post-surgery pouch (eating bread still makes me very, very anxious). Spring is MESSING with us here in Wichita (here one day, gone the next (it is in the 60s today, it was in the 40s yesterday) so warm soup and gooey cheese is a nice comfort.
2 - Adele's Debut Album, 19. Some people call her "the next Amy Winehouse" but a) I think it might be a little too early for "the next" Amy Winehouse and b) I think Adele is better. She's a great example of how the music industry is moving back to talent v. beauty in deciding who is talented (not that she's not a beautiful young woman, but she's not your textbook "beauty" either). More over, the chip on her shoulder gives a subtle hint that her larger body might have influenced how she views herself and the world and how the world has viewed her. Check out Hometown Glory if you only want to spring for one track on iTunes. You'll be back for the rest of the album though - you've been warned.
3 - Ava's BIG laugh. I need to get a good recording of it to post here. It is hard to describe but she laughs like someone who gets the joke far more than her 20 months of life could allow for and furthers our belief that she's an old-soul in a young body. It is also highly infectious and has a tendancy to make any day better.
4 - Joy's Joy. While never "lacking" for poise, intellegence, grace and wit - coming "home" has done wonders for Joy's self confidence and how she presents herself and how she handles herself. As her husband, I find it sexy. As her friend, I find it highly likable. As an observer, I find it exciting and encouraging that sometimes it is more about one big change bringing about thousands of smaller ones (a la gastric bypass surgery's impact in my life).
5 - Murray's Lemon Sugar-Free Sandwich Cookies. As honesty is the best policy, I must admit that I have to use my daily calorie count as motivation to get me to put down these delicious little pieces of heaven. I will buy a package - pace it out for a week or so and then go a few weeks without them. Danger lurks inside the plastic wrapper but . . . yuhmay!
6 - My bike. I don't ride it NEARLY often enough but I like knowing that it is there, in the back of the garage, waiting for me and ready to take me from "here" to "there" at a moment's notice.
7 - Shopping. The support group before my surgery, Techia presented an article from People magazine about a woman who had gastric bypass and went on to loose her ever-blooming mind shopping. She bought EVERYTHING and LOTS of it. The idea being that the mind has a preoccupation for obsessive behavior and excess and, without food, your mind WILL find something else to cling on to. I used to HATE shopping. Clothes, groceries, household/decor stuff, errand shopping, shoes, etc. NO more. I love it all now. ESPECIALLY clothes shopping. It MIGHT be that I wear a size XL shirt for the first time since my SOPHOMORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL and it might be because the word "sale" has replaced the words "super size" in my vocabulary but - either way - I am an unashamed shopaholic. Our checking account balance can reinforce this if any one doubts me.
8 - The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde. Faithful blog readers will know I started reading this book in October. And just lost sight of it in early November (upon arriving here and starting my new job). I'm back on top of it now and ripping through it. I can't wait to finish and start some of Fforde's other books. He's not Mike Manguson but he's on par with Christopher Buckley's books and I am really enjoying the read.
9 - Harold's Tie Table. Oh, sweet mercy of God . . . my tie obsession draws me to this place once every few weeks - the price tags only let me buy once every few months. I love, love, love a good silk tie that is thick enough for a nice fat knot up top. Harold's must feel the same way.
10 - 12 Step Awareness. I've not been going to any alcoholics anonymous meetings nor have I been to over-eaters anonymous or any other "insert problem here" anonymous meetings but I have been doing extensive research on 12 step programs and the way they allow you to sort of rebuild your life. I don't know how much I want to talk with God about where I've been with my eating, depression and general self-loathing over the past decade or so BUT I am on step eight, pushing to step nine in the process (started immediately after my surgery) and I must say that it really is making all the difference in me feeling "okay" about me and where I am today and where I am going from here. I don't look forward to all of step nine but I feel it is really important and I will be going through it accordingly. Don't be surprised if you get "that" call from me accordingly.

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nytova said...

oooh, good list! very unique loves you have. must get myself to a Panera...