Tuesday, April 29, 2008

200 Posts Later . . .

I just realized that this is my 201st blog posting.

Pity the fool that has read all 200 of my prior musings . Sure, I have had a lot of things to say . . . some short, some long, some sweet, some sour, some eloquent, some full of typos and grammatical errors, some instructive, some destructive).

It does, frankly, sort of shock me that I've been able to post that much content and share that much about myself in only eight months. I was soooooo nervous when I started blogging. I didn't want to look like the self-obsessed poster child for gastric bypass surgery. I didn't want to look like a whiny waste of a man who didn't appreciate the chance the surgery had afforded him. I didn't want to look too whipped and too mushy about and by my wife and daugther. I read through a few of the "classic" posts of my blog (looking for inspiration - I've been struggling as of late to come up with stuff to say) and - guess what - I am ALL of the above and much, much more.

I was also sort of suprised and impressed, having read back through my old posts, that I was so honest and uncensored about things in my life. My weight loss. My sagging skin. My efforts to reconnect with friends and family. My insecurities about the life ahead. My depression through the years. My love of Reduced Fat Triscuits and JC Penney's St. John's Bay khakis and The Biggest Loser. My iTunes choices and musical leanings. My obsession with John Candy.

I've shared it all - perhaps too much.

I don't know what the next 100 posts will bring but I promise to keep on telling it like it is (good, bad, ugly) and I'm working on my Mission/To-Do List for the next five months - through my 18-month mark and the "end" of the gastric bypass ride (conventional wisdom is that any benefits you will get from GB come in the 18 months following surgery).

I promise to post that up later in the week and to keep you posted moving forward.

Thanks for reading and, as always, please drop me a line if any of my crap musings are actually of use to you or if you have any suggestions for a future post.

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nytova said...

I have enjoyed all 200 of them! Wow, amazing how you can crank out the words, Sean!! Glad to know you're gonna keep it up ;-)