Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some Quick Figures . . .

I've been logging changes to my body for the past year in a very handy-dandy Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (insert laughing, finger-pointing and "nerd" shouting here).

I update the chart above about once a month and, to be honest, I have yet to update the chart when I can't change at least three or four of the figures and stats on the chart. Some months I've had to change every figure.

Anywho, I was reviewing the chart and all the old figures (and the graphs that go along with them (smile)) this morning and decided to share these figures with the masses.

Not a bad year! Not bad at all!


John Deary said...

That's amazing!

I just recently compiled a graph of my weight since late 1999 taken from my doctor's records.

It was really an eye opening experience to see it plotted graphically. I was struck when I was able to visualize the times when I was on a diet and then the extra pounds I gained back shortly thereafter.

I am scheduled for GB late this month. I can't wait to start adding lower numbers to my spreadsheet. Maybe the scale will become a friend after-all.

Best of luck and continued success!


Sean C. Amore said...

Thanks, John. TRUST me - the first 30 years and 9 months of my life were full of nothing but scale dread and an "ever rising" weight (with brief periods of loss here and there).

Best wishes on your surgery. Drop me a line when you get to the other side and the scale becomes your friend. Good luck on your journey!