Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Cooking Advice . . .

One other thing for today . . . some ideas for people just getting back in to the kitchen (and some great gift ideas for people looking to support a loved one) following surgery.

1 - Get a good food scale. I got a digital one. $30. Worth every penny. I measured every little thing for the first couple of months. I was stunned at just how little food I got for the weight some days and how much other days. Don't guestimate following surgery. You should also pick up the Magic Bullet or an immersion blender too. SO much easier to puree, blend and prep foods than a "regular" blender.

2 - Get Rubbermaid containers, tiny ones. Rubbermaid makes containers with locking lids that are as small as two-ounces. Get them. Love them. I used to pour four ounces of protein shake in a container and just take my time with it. I could watch the clock and say "okay, half way down this hour and I'll be good." I would take stuff with me too - hummus in a movie? DELICIOUS.

3 - Get some little tiny glasses, plates and utensils. Go to the kid's dish section of Target (or have a baby). Get a four ounce cup. A baby plate. Baby fork and baby spoon. It won't seem like a tiny meal if you eat it with tiny dishes. I went through the four ounce glasses and then eight ounce and then twelve ounces and then sixteen ounces. Now I'm back to the 22 ounce tumblers of water I used to love - I just don't chug any more.

4 - Get some new cookbooks. Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery is my favorite (I still cook out of it). It gives you 140+ recipes and different ways to prepare each depending on what stage you are in (NOTE - their stages don't perfectly align with Danbury Hospital's, check with your nutritionist on some of them accordingly). You can also find some cookbooks on and you can but the South Beach cookbooks (you can't eat all of the stuff but some of the recipes are really useful). Just don't try to cook for you out of Nigella Lawson's books (as yummy as she AND her food is). It won't work. Trust me.

5 - Get a food journal and keep it. I just scratched my food and beveage consumption in a pocket-sized notebook but it was very, very helpful for the first three months or so after surgery. There are websites where you can track calories too but if you aren't at a computer all day . . . they aren't all that useful.

6 - Get some new sneakers. Research suggests that you will walk and work-out more if you have new footwear (the excitement and the guilt mix in your mind to form a "must walk" cocktail).

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