Monday, March 3, 2008

Same As It Ever Was . . .

I have a "google alert" set up to tell me when gastric bypass news breaks. I stumbled upon this press release in today's "clips" and it made me laugh.

I work in public relations. I know how we stretch and fudge "news" and try to tie our products and clients and causes to social and cultural happenings to give our own initiatives more weight. I've done my fair share (if it is fair at all) of "relational outreach" around the news du jour (like when I successfully turned the release of the Mitchell Report in to a media blitz for our beloved Wichita Wingnuts) but COME ON!

This is a crappy press release to sell more FART DEODORIZERS to people who have had gastric bypass surgery like there is any real connection between the two.

Some facts . . .

1 - Yes. The body does not process food after surgery the way it did before.
2 - Yes. You should avoid "gassy" foods accordingly (brocolli, for example, is no longer your friend (if it ever was)) and you should know that sugar-free foods with sugar alcohols in them can have quite the impact on your toots as well.
3 - Yes. You will continue to fart after surgery. You might even fart more - every one is different.
4 - No. Farting is not the dirty-little-secret of the gastric bypass world. It is not an epidemic that is sweeping the nation.
5 - No. You will not lose your friends, family and dog's love if you don't put a charcoal sticker in your underpants following your surgery.

I find this press release to be pretty comical (watch the YouTube video to get a feel for how professional this operation really is) and I will tip my professional hat to the fine folks at Flat-D Innovations for trying to market a product in creative ways but please, to those who are considering having this surgery . . . do NOT let some farts scare you off.

You will STILL fart (as you always have (even you, ladies)) and they will smell a little different then they used to (your input has changed - shouldn't your output?) but my gas is the same as it ever was - Loud, proud and able to clear a crowd. Just ask my wife!

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Giuli said...

awesome post - needed that laugh on a Monday!