Thursday, March 6, 2008

NEWS FLASH - Obesity Cured, Maybe?! . . .

Some interesting obesity news came out of the United Kingdom on Monday. It seems that researchers there have discovered a way to isolate proteins to prevent the stomach from expanding to accomodate food when we are over eating.

This might sound very familiar to many of us in the morbidly obese community. "If only my dern-gut wouldn't stretch to take on this last one-quarter of the entire pizza," right?!

I kid. I kid. I'm allllll about finding ways to keep us from getting fatter but - to me - a way to prevent the stomach from expanding is just a non-surgical "lap band," right?! Well, I've got some bad news for you . . . research shows that the lap band does not work for everyone (the percentages are actually some what discouraging, to be blunt) because, eventually, you learn tricks to get around the band (slippage, anyone?) and you end out just over eating in a very, very different way.

But I am not dismissive. Not at all. A few years ago I was set to be part of a market research group on a new medicine that was hoping for FDA approval that promised to block the very urges in the brain that trigger you to over eat to begin with and I was very, very excited about it and very, very sure that it would be the cure to my weight problems.

Let's be honest though . . . it wasn't a silver bullet for me. It likely would have worked, short term, but would not have helped me long term. Truth be told - there are no guarantees that even gastric bypass surgery will help me in my battle against the bulge for the rest of my life. I was told that the ONLY weight loss benefits of the surgery I would ever see came in the first 18 - 24 months. Two years. That is it. I'll be 33 when this magic carpet ride ends. I vowed to live until at least 83 for Joy. Who is going to help me that last 50 years?

ME! I am going to figure it out. I'll likely gain some weight back (statistics say 10 - 20%) and I will likely yo-yo in weight for the rest of my life on a much smaller string than the HUNDREDS of pounds I went up and down to this point. I am at peace with that.

I'm okay that I will have to spend every day deciding what to eat, when to excercise, what my belt says about my weight and what my feelings and emotions could do to my weight if I'm not careful. It is on me.

It is a lifelong commitment to get and stay thin and healthy. No magic pill or surgery or protein blocking enzyme can do any of that work for me. I know that and the fine people of London should too!

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