Monday, March 10, 2008

Lunch with a High School Friend . . .

Small world of small worlds - there are TWO people from Groton, New York living here in Wichita, Kansas (at least two . . . there might even be more, right?!). Joy, Ava and I had lunch with Tricia (two years behind me in high school) and her son Sebastian on Saturday.

It was nice to sit down and break bread with Tricia and to meet her son. I realized, as we sat at the table, that the last time I saw Tricia was May, 2000. I had just finished graduate school and she came to a backyard celebration we put together (I invited some people, my brother Ryan invited some people).

I weighed 400ish pounds the last time I saw Tricia. I was just really getting started with my weight explosion and I was just really getting started with my self-loathing phase. I got very, very drunk at the party (I have pictures somewhere, I should post them) and my college friends all helped get me from the back of my father's truck in to the house (ahh, just like old times with them getting me safely to bed) and I never even said "good bye" to Tricia (or anyone at the party for that matter) that night.

I was relieved that she either a) got drunk too and forgot all about it b) figured it was eight years ago, people change or c) my insecurities about that phase in my life might not really equal everyone else's insecurities about me (if that makes sense).

She never mentioned my former drunkness. She didn't seem horrified or afraid for how I might behave, etc. etc. etc. I was too embarassed to mention the whole thing at lunch (thought about it though).

Anywho, it was great to sit down with Tricia and to have an adult conversation (child care, Wichita living, deaths in the family and the challenges of real-life marriages were all part of the conversation) and I hope that we can be friends with Tricia and her family and maybe Ava and Sebastian could be friends too - the way I was friends with Tricia and her sisters in high school! Great family (and loyal blog readers too - whaddup, Williams Clan?!?!?!).


Tricia said...

I feel so honored to be part of an entry. We had a great time and can't wait to see you again. We're anxiously awaiting the phonecall...suppose I outta send you Kyle's schedule first. I love finding new playmates for really helps him grow in many ways. See you soon fello Wichitan!!

Mom Williams said...

Hey Sean. Yes we are faithful blog readers and in awe of your accomplishments.. .....not only in your weight loss but in your personal and professional life! We look forward to meeting Joy and Ava when we come to Wichita! To think another Grotonian turned Wichitan!!! Yeah!!

Sean C. Amore said...

Don't be in "awe" of me - I've seen you and your husband set up and break down a field band "pit" in three minutes flat while finding missing gloves and plumes, keeping high school kids off each other and while rooting for the band ALL at the same time, Mrs. Williams! That's some crazy stuff and we appreciated it! Thanks for reading and for sharing your daughter with the mighty Wichi-Wichi!

Sean C. Amore said...

You're the best, Butcher. It is good to have you here - I am not "alone" any more (smile). We'll get together again soon, I promise.