Monday, March 10, 2008

Latest Family Photo . . .

I have just ten days until my one-year surgery anniversary.

The next few weeks of posts will all be posts about the occassion and my feelings about it and/or other people posting with their thoughts on me, my weight and my surgery (before and after) so - for now - a quick family photo to remind you where I am today, in case you get sick of all the reflection!

In the meantime, if any one wants to share any thoughts about me before or after surgery (or your own experiences with your weight or surgery) - PLEASE do. Post a comment any where on the blog or zap me something to and I'll happily share your thoughts with the world (or just keep your thoughts for me, if you would prefer the privacy).


BrandiK said...

What a beautiful picture, Sean! Congrats on an incredible achievement and your upcoming anniversary.

Brandi- that mean chick who offered you a cookie. I am sorry. :)a

Sean C. Amore said...

You know I love you - even though you DID offer me a cookie, repeatedly, despite your professional credentials. You are neither the first nor the last person to offer me sweet treats - don't sweat it!