Monday, March 31, 2008

Guest/Chef Blogger . . . Trishia's Pureed Cheeseburger . . .

Trishia - thanks for the great e-mail. I'm going to write a response to you later today (I hope). Your story is inspiring too and I wish you continued success as you get back up to the daily challenges life post-GB is full of.

For the rest of you . . . here's Trishia's Pureed Cheeseburger recipe . . .

- 3oz. lean hamburger
- 1 slice fat free cheese
- 2 tbsp. warm beef broth
- 1/2 hamburger bun

Cook beef and drain fat.

Add all ingredients except beef broth to blender and puree on high. Gradually add beef broth to desired consistency.

Yield: 1 serving
Calories 309
Protein: 27

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